As I am writing this piece, i am qualified as a web master of a small profile IT home-based business. I have grown a passion to create  web “Content”. Oblivious of my surroundings,I am glued to my laptop without respite.  No thumbing through of daily newspapers and no viewing of television programs “Generation” or “Sevende Land” etc.. For me the laptop is not a box, the laptop is the doorway. It is the future of the new age.

Computing 101

While surfing through the internet, learners and net-citizens can be seen engaged themselves into myriad activities, including creating blogs or personal websites, sharing original content such as artwork, photos, stories or videos and remixing content found online into a new creation (online services like Jump Cut make it ludicrously easy to make and remix movies). With the new web the internet is no longer about idly surfing and passively reading, listening, or watching.


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Training For A Purpose!

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