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 ICT Consultant, Internet Marketer, Author, Digital Product Developer.

My background is technical and software end-user facilitator, support and webmaster for several personal and commercial online publications and books. My involvement in I.C.T and Human Capital Development spans to several  years where I specialized in corporate education in I.C.T disciplines in both the Private Sector and Government Agencies.  As a life-skills coach and social reformer I am also and entrepreneur and M.D. of App Design Factory.

My skills have diversified to include business development training in the field of Network Marketing commonly known as MLM. I conduct coaching and motivation talks via many of my publication together with my business associates in collaborations to produce an online Video Education  Business and Podcast channel for this purpose.

Our Business channels includes amongst others podcast product training and end-user products training and knowledge transmission.  This portfolio incorporates Information Technology Training, Social Media Marketing, Books Production, Internet Marketing and Electronic Information Publishing offered to a wide range of customers.

To date I have published several “Books” and “Amazon Kindle Series” to assist small businesses, individuals bloggers, and newbie authors to build commercial online business  identity  and website presence. On my line of credits, I also do freelance article writing for different local community newspapers on niche topics specific to the paper’s demographics needs.

Below is the portfolio of my personal publications and books I have authored as an educator and business management facilitator. My book genre is very diversified and includes, information communication technology, personal finance, biography of Soweto, motivation, poetry and music to name but a few that I have to-date released.

Isaac Khonjelwayo Book Publications:



Book Translations.

The books above are authored and published  by Isaac Khonjelwayo since 2011 to date and available internationally  from www.Amazon.com in several different languages i.e. English, Chinese, Hindi and other. You can Google “Isaac-Khonjelwayo” utilizing any of the famous search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find out more about the various book translations of your choice.

Kindle Book Reader:

These books are only available on “Amazon Kindle” what is “Kindle” An e-book reader, also called an e-book device or e-reader, is a mobile electronic device that is designed primarily for the purpose of reading digital e-books and periodicals.

Note: You must have a Kindle in order to access and download the book after making a purchase. Without a “Kindle” you will be unable to read the book. You can also download a “Free Kindle Desktop Reader” from Amazon site. See examples of Kindles below.


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