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It takes a lot of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to implement various graphic design strategies for artist and graphic designers. This week I took the time to view the web and the internet to find interesting “Banner Designs” from the library of unique creative designs below!

This one below is a “thank-you” subscriber banner which was designed by one of our local graphic designers.

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 Twitter Cover Banner –

Schools Design Project!

Initially mu idea was to try and run a competition for the “Best Banner” of the month and invite various graphic design students from University of Johannesburg and Wits University. The purpose of the campaign was to try and encourage Matriculation Students from different schools in Gauteng to take part.

To attract our youth and encourage them to take up this as a career so that, when they graduate they can are able to start their own business in the printing and publishing industry.


Business Website Banner –

Professional Banner Costs!

Job opportunities in the “Social Media Networks” like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Stumble-Upon etc. I noticed especially on Facebook and personal people’s profiles poor display of the “cover page”. As a result there is a market to help even small businesses to have professional looking cover page e.g. Mr. Mandla Mthente’s sample Facebook cover.

Only professionals can produce and design proper social media cover pages, even though some designers will charge you an expensive fees. It doesn’t have to be that expensive to produce these cover pages. That is why I’m writing about it here. A reasonable Twitter cover page can set you back about R595.00 or $45.00 a piece.


Products Promo Banner –

Collaboration and Jobs!

Unemployed graduates or even students studying graphic designs can earn a good part-time income doing this kind of work. More and more small businesses are launching their online businesses and a majority have social media presence. We can take advantage of this small niche markets to create job opportunities for interested graphic artists and designers.

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Personal Sales Page Banner –

Unemployment vs. Self-Employment! The trend in Johannesburg and probably Gauteng province, people are finding means and ways to create job opportunities for themselves. However, it seems like there is a copy-cat phenomena that has engulf ordinary survivors to emulate what others do. The market for such copy-cat services and products that are currently popular with easy entry job start-ups are:

  • Street car-wash township businesses
  • Half-skop street buy & braai stall in the township
  • Street corner cafes ect.

The question remains weather these businesses are making any profit or if the quality of the merchandise will stand the test of time. Nevertheless these guys are trying their luck to make end-meet. Kudos to these street vebdors.

Facebook Company Listings

Yellow Dot Social Business Directory


Twitter Cover Banner –

Social media profit platform!

Twitter and Facebook are more popular in South Africa with the Black folks and the social madness and personal participation has grown tremendously in the last 3 years. Almost every household or family will have more than two social media accounts. Instagram is also a big hit when it comes to local S.A. media trends.

So, if you’re a business and are not into social media big time, you’re losing out on profits and or corporate branding. Small businesses are not excluded from this new found technology that can make or break their market share to profit from.

Facebook Social Enterprise

List Products On Your Facebook Page


Facebook Business Cover Banner –

How does a business profit from social media via social communities to build a businesses! Well the answer is not simple nor is it difficult to figure out what will work best for for business. However, have a social media campaign to sell your brand is much easier than most people would like to believe.

There is a simple and effective and less expensive ways and – Also there is a more complex and most costly ways and both will have different results depending on one’s business or personal budget. To run a social media campaign requires an analytical calculated planning which should be co-ordinated by an internal company personnel to make it effective and profitable.

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