When you fail to plan, most of the time you plan to fail and wonder why success is becoming a far-fetched dream to be realized. When we live our lives by other people’s’ rules we fail to honor our own commitment to our personal goals and ambitions. This endorses our conviction to fail us, because our values are not inline with our inner dreams and aspirations.

When we seek and find our own truths we must believe and act on these truth to live and realize our best intentions. We only have ourselves to blame if the dreams we entertain do not come forth our way because we use someone else glasses to see the world.

Your perception is your window to the world

Learn to see the world with your own eyes, otherwise find better glasses (intuition) to improve your outlook on life to live to the best of your abilities and God-given talents. To be the best in your dreams be prepared to shed old habits; while pay the price to walk the talk of taking a leaders role. As a steering and a chosen head of your family, citizen of your community and country learn to lead by example.

Do not follow the crowd or mob psychology short-cut to fame and vainglory because it is a short-lived easy trip to self-destruction and endless misery and pain. If you do not own or possess a universal  road-map of the country’s future “thinking-vision” and destiny. Use your gut feel as your compass and yardstick to guide you into a safe future to remain blessed.

To feature in your own life’s top movie charts and to collect God’s Oscar, be willing and ready to take a fall when lighting strikes and adversity becomes your worst enemy. Cowards hide behind a tree of excuses and are afraid of losing face because they have disowned their own truth to be identified with responsibility. Become a solution to life’s problems and be a proud warrior who can be judged by his word and not a fabricated victor who is afraid to fight his battle when thrown into a den of lions.

Be a brave student who is prepared to learn new lessons daily

Be a fighter that is prepared to lick his wounds and face the music when the war is over. Know you’re still responsible for acting or not acting in accordance with the laws of nature; as you’ll watch events unfold  before your eyes and you become part of a messy chaotic scene.

You’re not immune from consequences that might follow thereafter, even if you pretended existence is none of your business. Rather, become a solution and not a liability to your  business, country or family :– Just take responsibility for what you do in life and pick up the pieces to start afresh.

Stop whining and blaming the world for everything that goes wrong with your life. You’re not the only one going through hell and tough times for God’s sake. – We all are in hot waters if not in deep Sh..t!  Be grateful that God has been watching this whole saga from above. We’re in this together and need to find solutions and a way to work together instead of working against each other.

Quincy Jones

Stop Saying “what’s going on” – Start Saying “what can I do to make a difference”

Remember if you’re “alive” and are in this “movie” of life – You’re automatically featured as a steering i.e. “Lead Character”. You do not have to wonder or ask yourself “What’s Going On“.  Angels worship and serve humans who take their roles serious, because they’re assigned by Heaven to respond to our dire needs.

That’s why life’s “reality show” has to be kept active, fast, furious and thrilling to preserve the souls of those who are willing and prepared to fight against any odds, yet emerge victorious in the end.

To display and showcase the power and the glory of Gods’ infinite spirit living in all of us! Choose to be a winner and you’ll succeed, in every plan you wish to execute. When we seek and find our own truths we must believe and act on these truth to live and realize our best intentions, this way we become winners.

When we learn and choose to see the world with our own eyes, and discover better glasses (intuition) to improve our outlook on life; to live to the best of our abilities and God-given talents. We ultimately find our gifts and true calling. Please do not rest on your laurels on this planet – serve humanity like you’re serving God your last supper on this planet – lest your soul RIP sooner than we expect it!


What’s Going On – The Music Track

Music courtesy of: Quincy Jones (Get your copy HERE)