Believers Words of Encouragement

BELIEVERS CHAT ROOM! Is a platform for personal self realization and miraculous encounters with God!  The Holy Spirit, the Christ or the Almighty, whatever you want to call it, a close encounters with the Creator, if you wish.

It is for people who want to share their inner connection with a higher power and have surrendered thier will to it. If you are in pain suffering from a long illness, lost a job, experienced hardship, or going through tough challenging personal problems. Know that you are not alone.

Humanities Search For Spiritual Identity

You are not alone we bring hope to those who have given up on His promise. Faith is the spirit of Love reflected in your hopes and dreams to conquer adversity. God is the ladder upon which you can climb any mountain to prove you’re the Son of Thunder.

Define Your Own Success Rules
We too are humans and have similar problems every day; life is not about a curse rather each one has a lesson to learn and impart to us all, observers. We share your pain because we understand God’s Grace. Believers Chat Room will pass your message on to our viewers, so that we can each heal from these lessons.


That means every time you wake up in the morning you bring showers and blessings to your thirsty fellow men. Do not give up on sharing, it heals those who are listening to you.

By: bra Ike

Episode 1 – more is coming….

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Pastor David Chetty:

Pastor David Chetty is always receiving people to his church in Lenasia Extension 4. If you want to participate in his church or TV program interview, please feel free to contact us via this website. Just fill in the form in the “Contact Us” tab and send to us.