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Tools To Rules! 11 by Bill Gates

One of Life’s most challenging yet offending stumbling blocks is the ability to move on and get things done without wasting time or postponing things.

A majority of folk’s think that life owes them an “all the happiness non-stop event” that can be all they are. The assumption that the world revolves around you is a terrible misconception. Certain folk’s will take for granted that life belongs to them alone and they can simply do as they please.


Whereas, in a long run, the lesson one learns along the way unfolds the true nature and tough side of things. It’s amazing how “honest”, “hard-working”, “loyal”, “dedicated” and “God-fearing” souls come out of adversity alive with a winner’s smile.

They know certain truths about Life that ignorant people don’t. The video below  by Bill Gates is just one of the fundamental principles to that we can learn from to become the “Winners” we want to become.

Norman Vincent Peale has this to claim regarding the energy of option.

“The biggest energy we have is the energy of option. The entire fad and the high quality of anybody’s life is figured out by the selection that are made”.

Picking is the most vital task of your thoughts, since by making a selection, you are announcing your wishes to your subconscious thoughts. The selections you make in your life become your objective.

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