Group Thinking is A Cause for Poor Leadership

Why don’t you try my podcast for inspiration and discover your sense of purpose, instead of indulge in gossip and misdirected group thinking and mediocre boring life?

Listen to a new voice of purpose and find your own voice to inspire others. South Africa is full of too many followers and very few leaders who can change the current chaotic situation and turn it into a promising land of productivity, individuality and free thinkers and movers of positive change.

Be Your Own Leader & Change Things Around You

The youth today, are becoming complacent and floating with the waves of time, as if their reason to live is stolen by delusions of technology and flabbergasted frenzy of social media intoxication to identify their true sense of purpose.

Try this self-made audio podcast for a change see, if you can gain some grip into life’s real classes and device your own means to become your own leader and force of change.

I help youth find their own voice and platform to carve their own future based on their ideals and not that of negative forces or political influence, that never guarantees any life changing and meaningful experience to find happiness and lasting inner peace.

Find Your Own Voice

You have a choice to find your own voice or die bored and hungry for the rest of your life. You probably inherited your poor thinking and clouded judgment of events shaping your life from your peers.

They too were mislead and are going through a downward spiral and misery of falls promises and misguided friendships. More voices are available on this podcast – Click Here

The faces you see above –

Is Old School leadership who were inspired to change the World and impact on the poor values placed on them by society or self imposed limitations.

These FACES have found their true meaning and sense of direction, by adding value to our society instead of watch events go by.

You must find time to track their history and how they too conquered adversity to become who they really are, perhaps you might find inspiration to start searching for who you truly are! A leader or A follower?

by: isaac khonjelwayo