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Does Anyone Care About How You Feel Today?

One of my oddest dreams when I was young was to become an army commander to take charge of an army and issue orders and tough instructions. Sort of like boss everyone around and smite those who don’t seem to obey my orders. This would…

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Job Seekers Tips Part1 Out The Box Mentality

Think Outside The Box Thinking Out Side the Box to get a Job Interview! is just the beginning of our journey into finding solutions to create jobs. Out of the box thinking requires one to go an extra mile. The  difference between a winner and…

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Bored To DEATH? Lead or Follow!

Group Thinking is A Cause for Poor Leadership Why don’t you try my podcast for inspiration and discover your sense of purpose, instead of indulge in gossip and misdirected group thinking and mediocre boring life? Listen to a new voice of purpose and find your…

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Solar Home Accessories Business Opportunities

Solar Load Shedding Home Accessories With ESKOM load shedding affecting both households and businesses, there is a growing need for unemployed individuals to take advantage of this crisis. There is a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to embark on self employment projects. Easy5 Products One such…

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Buy Special Collectors Art T-Shirts

Face of Apartheid Art Some of these paintings was on auctioned to raise funds in Botswana’s Russian Embassy. Important: A group of South African ANC and PAC comrades had to skip the country South Africa’s from the notorious BOSS (Bureau Of State Security) which pursued…

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Prosperity And Abundance Should Be Taught at Schools

The new report on prosperity advisers administration reveals the cause of poverty and economical struggles and stagnation in African countries. This very useful and well documented bank report shows how poor land governance may lead to poor economical development in countries provided with abundant agricultural land and great natural resources, which are not correspondingly administered and exploited.

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