A woman is like a flute
Not just any woman
You only play her to your heart’s contentment
She has a sound sane and flexibility like bamboo
She has multiple keys and notes
That turns your music on

Just the touch of her lips is eclectic

You can hold her close to your chest
like a perfect secret
She’ll be warm and revealing in your arms
To keep you sanctified like a king
and make you believe you’re in Heaven

Her kiss is like cherry
Only wet and hot to indulge you with her
abrasive danger
To prove to you that you’re vulnerable
and she is a vivacious tigress

She is seductive and adventurous to be explored
She is a sophisticated music score
that can be settled by maneuvers of the genre
in your finger tips!
demystified by a passion of your magic grip to feel satisfied and blessed like a fool

She owns and controls the parallel worlds
and crossroad of your exaggerated imagination

When a woman holds a glass
of champagne with cherry in one hand
Catch the romantic glow of her purple eyes
You’ll feel the vibration of her delicate tastes
It is a sign she is in heat
and needs both a man and a hand
To usher her to the Mecca of ecstasy

It is time the sky meets with the ground
It is time the music and the chords in your body played themselves
It is true that the Angel in you
becomes the Devil in her and vice verse

When the favor is returned
Universes will collide and sing
Hallelujah! glory to the God of ecstacy
To feed your souls with mutual beneficiation

©2005Copyrights Reserved Author I. Khonjelwayo for Samablue Music®

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