Training By Isaac Khonjelwayo

Why doesn’t our educational embrace this perspective of thinking

So, Steve Job;s has no doubt impacted society in many ways. What about Apple’s “Think Different” ad campaign, which promotes creativity, innovation, and that the “crazy ones” who succeed and break down barriers? Masters in creativity and thinking outside the box ultimately are the forces behind innovation and progress, but it seems that this is really only a facade, a mirage, and emulation of our society.

Just look at our educational system and teaching methods. Do they really reflect the importance of creativity? Do they hold thinking abstractly, not logically in high regard? Why doesn’t our educational embrace this perspective of thinking, and how will this affect innovation in the long term?

Both these styles are perpetually present for everyone. When you are not wearing a tie you can opt to take a scarf. Winters are ideal for wearing scarves rather than donning a tie. Custom ties would be ideal for summers. However ties are forever in fashion so they can be worn during any season. Manufacturers also give you an opportunity to design your own tie according to your choice of colour combinations.

Our Education System Is Divided Into Races & Group Classes!

This gives you an opportunity to show case your creativity and admire your craft. The effort you would have put in would make you take pride in your appearance. Since there are many manufacturers that will only charge you money for putting in the material and their expert tailors to creating this designer piece you can enjoy the fruits of your labour without worrying about the cost of buying material and stitching.

So, do we really value creativity in schools? It depends on who you ask and what their motives are. If you ask some preschool kids, they want to believe that there are many colors to the rainbow, many colors to flowers, but teachers will teach according to a set of accepted facts held true. Roses are red and leaves are green. There is no gray area for discussion. Some people believe that creativity should be taught at a young age, when the child still is their own person, relatively unchanged from society.

So give unconscious creativity a try and see how far it takes you. Simply program your subconscious and then leave it alone to incubate for a while. It may take some time to find the method of tapping into your subconscious after your incubation period. For some free writing or journalism serve to unlock the fruits of your unconscious labor. Usually, I sit myself down and begin the task at hand. It is often slow-going at first but I force myself forward and at some point my subconscious kicks in and the words start flowing and the keyboard starts clicking away.

Thinking Out The Box is S.A’s Education Big Challenge – for Creative Thinking!

Event Company Malaysia assists in coordinating trade congresses, special meetings, and even night outs. They take all the responsibilities from the scratch to the completing. If we talk about the events companies Singapore, it works in a manifold and an effective way. Most of the foremost events, celebrity weddings, high profile parties, melodies nights etc. are mostly organized by this company. Its creativity, perfection, reliability and discipline amidst the employees are matchless.

In my opinion, and based on my years in the Training System  Field (I currently hold a technical diploma in office automation), creativity is not valued. I say this because our educational system is based on conformity and acceptance of everything that is in textbooks and theories. There are few courses that really push out thinking beyond what is “already accepted” or known to be true.

Bible says, and the man (Jacob) increased exceedingly, and had much cattle, and maidservants and menservants, and camels and asses. We never read this about him until he encountered that strange wisdom for creativity. Neighbour, you don’t need to change your job for your change to come, all you need is a bite of the wisdom for creativity.

This is not so much about creating anything on the physical but more about learning to be more creative in your attitude, approach to life, perception of reality and intention. It is said that 90 percent of artisan creativity is what happens on the astral plane (dream state) and by the time this creativity gets to the physical plane it has only 10 percent of the artisans energy behind it. Artisans …