Restraining an emotional and personal roller coaster of turbulent day-to-day challenges of life; is like trying to control a raging bull in a Texas bull-riding contest. You either have the skills to manage chaos like a pro or you don’t and you’ll lose a fight like a boxer that did not prepare himself for a big night’s fight in a World Heavy Weight Boxing match.

The last two weeks, were hectic and a turbulent period for me. My telephone and Internet were out of operations. Telkom will not be taking a blamed for this incidence, although I believe Neo-Tel i.e. Telkom’s opposition is aggressively on its toes to campaign for new clients in an attempt to erode Telkom market share, they have more than enough time to prove their worth in service excellence.

In spite of the backlog faced by Telkom’s prompt services delivery and cable theft to meet customer satisfaction, I am content to say they have stepped up to the plate and my phone line was resolved and restored within two weeks. Two weeks plus 3 days is a long time without access to the Internet and web browsing, an addiction that every PC literate victim will be displeased to be retracting from within that space of time.

My life depends on a computer like a patient in the ICU sucking oxygen to sustain their life; and I could not trade my computing addiction places for anything else. My work and pleasure to survive depends on it. It is a fact that in that same period I was mentally and emotionally unstable as if the world has come to a standstill. I was battling to reconcile my personal and business affairs, as if this computer has taken ownership of my life.

With these events slowly unfolding, I was caught completely off guard by yet another new lesson in life; to always have a backup plan just in case, something goes wrong. Despite my good noble intentions and to always stay positive in attitude, I was trying to take charge of things even though certain situations were out of my control.

A society infected by crime  &  lawlessness – Is a sign of leadership decay

The reason telephones and street robots are vandalized is because South Africa is faced with a dilemma to crack down and punish cable thieves who thrive and profit from this scourge is because police are also corrupt and unaccountable. Telkom and Eskom are providers of this valuable commodity of our economic sustenance. The fact of the matter is that it affects my small little world and jeopardizes my plans and ambitions to achieve my daily objectives.

Fortunately, for me I can manage chaos and situations which affect my personal life to remain calm during turbulent times. My back up plan is to have a laptop with 3G/HSDP connectivity data to surf the Net.

I thought my small world was collapsing and reaching a dead end when no one would reach me through their emails. I thought I was the only one who was miserable and unhappy as an African folk, complaining about poor service delivery across the board. I was completely wrong Ennerdale, Eldorado Park and Diepkloof service delivery protest was something I didn’t see coming.

South Africa’s’ list of citizens discontent and corruption in government has topped social media trends and “News Charts”.  Communities are rebelling against government incompetence and poor governance and corruption. We have now become a replica of Zimbabwe and not too long our junk status will reduce this country to anarchy and bloodshed.

South Africa’s chaos is a naive attempt by government to undermine our constitutional democracy

This was until I heard Echos of Africa’s disenchanted voices” My next-door neighbours Zimbabwe citizens were undergoing a test of endurance and a divine cleansing of the spirit “The cholera epidemic outbreak”. A health issue on cholera has become South Africa’s latest top 5 news nightmare and someone has to carry a blame for this at least.

Echos of Africa’s disenchanted voices” commented as follows: “I find the situation in Zimbabwe paradoxical if not lacking of the accountability by the leadership of Zimbabwe and Africa’s OAU. SADC’s renaissance missionaries have down-played events in failing to reach a peaceful settlement to date. They have allowed chaos to reign crazy and out of control without anyone’s attempt to rescue the plight of innocent citizens. The chaos in Zimbabwe is long overdue a political can-of-worms between Zanu PF and MDC parties, that require urgent UN attention and immediate intervention”.

Those who are lost are found by those you have arrived

Art For Life Foundation

It reminded me of The Soweto June 16 riots in 1976 the riots were a time bomb waiting to happen. The South African Apartheid Engineers failed to realize that; by banning and silencing black political movements and banning of political leaders was a mistake that will explode in their face.

It took the ANC, The Afrikaner National Party, The Broederbond and CODESA in Kempton Park more than enough time to reach a peaceful settlement and a power sharing deal for South Africa to avoid a bloodbath or an unprecedented civil war. Why is it so impossible for Africa’s leadership to resolve Zimbabwe issues? Let, alone reprimand the acts of DRC ‘s civil wars, manslaughter and genocide of innocent people. What about the Hutus & Tutsi’s in Rwanda and Idi Ameens’ atrocities to massacre his own people in Uganda? The list goes on and seems to affect every region of the African continent and its leaders”.

I will tell you why! Continue Echos of Africa’s disenchanted voices” about this dilemma. “If you are not born to lead, you will not possess a vision to see beyond your nose, If you are not born to manage a people, you will not possess compassion to excel and control or run a successful African country like Botswana. If you are not born to think humane, you will not possess the ability to see right from wrong and correct errors committed by your peers”.

Leadership comes with great responsibility – Within that power good governance should respond according!

If you are not born to inspire a nation to rise above adversity and hopelessness, you will not lead by example to honour the spirit of brave men and true leaders like King Shaka or Bhambatha, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Rumi, Lao Tzu or Gita and Martin Luther King jnr to name but a few. You will not comprehend the insight courage and convictions of George Washington or what Sir Winston Churchill had accomplished for the English people during the Second World War.

Therefore you are not a leader, but a politically “glorified” prefect and cannot control or direct positive events which shape views and steer a nation to a new direction. You will not instil hope and confidence to a nation to see opportunities in a crisis or find alternative possibilities to rise above defeat. You will not build a secured brighter future for the citizens of your country to warrant and keep such a position of power, forever change is inevitable and will find its way to kick you out.

Most leaders in the African Continent are politically “glorified” prefects. They live to restrain their emotional and political disability to manage turbulent day-to-day constipation of a power struggle in bedroom crisis to keep their spouse and colleagues happy. They concern themselves too much with an appetite to entertain personal well-being instead of the well-being of a hungry traumatized nation suffering from diarrhea of their incompetent leadership skills.

Pictures Don’t Lie” Africa including S.A. is spiraling slowly to its ultimate demise.  When chaos arises, these politicians are unable to manage trauma of a disastrous magnitude to resuscitate a situation that has gone critically wrong and needs priority for attention. Neither are they prepared to implement national natural disaster avoidance strategies in their own vicinity before they happen. These “leaders” lack managerial and spiritual skills because they have been programmed to fail and have done so successfully with great disappointment and detriment to a majority of their people.

Many of them are lacking in talent embedded within natural instincts of their sixth sense to see beyond the four walls of their own comfort zones. Their personal agenda is to accumulate massive material wealth and maintain high royalty and luxurious lifestyle of proportions at the expense of their ignorant voters and the innocent tax payers and citizens like me.

How else can they win any battle against adversity, community protests, avoid poor service delivery disenchantment  and poverty in the African continent? Corruption and mismanagement of foreign donations, nepotism and mass killing of their own people has become their language of choice. How else can they win against diseases like, Cholera and HIV-AIDS, TB and Hunger drug peddling, women abuse and child molesters when they themselves are sick and ill-disciplined to manage themselves in the first place? Marikana killings should have never  happened. Esidimeni sick patients massacre in Krugersdorps should have never happened the list goes on and on…

A NATION without Direction is like a moving CAR without a driver
Politicians have no backbones or common sense to manage success for a nation, but behave like spoiled kindergarten kids who play with our tax money and  live a sophisticated luxurious lifestyles. Yet we put so much faith, trust and value to these crooks that destroy dreams and bury our national treasures in their personal  foreign “trust accounts”. We voted them in power to lead us to the promised land not to find ourselves in a pool of tears begging for mercy to be saved by their grace. They are our servants we should pull the strings not the other way round. We are partly to blame for letting them lead us without monitoring and supervising them using accountability instruments

They are placed in positions of power and authority purposely by those who share their private agenda and make them legitimate as our officials “mafias”. In the end most of them lose a fight like a boxer that did not prepare himself for a big night’s fight in a World Heavy Weight Boxing Title. This is reminiscent of Idi Ameen’s and others like him in the continued reign of terror of Africa, where is he now! South Africa is no different we share the same fate if not worse. Our democracy was a figment of their imagination to sell us out to BRICS.

The Fate of Democracy Lies in Your Hands – In Future Vote With Your Head & Not Your Heart!

First and foremost, they lack compassion, soul, and commitment for leadership excellence; they are, driven by personal ambition for material self–enrichment which inflates their ego and lust for power and perpetual dominance. They are complacent and take no responsibility for their bad decisions and actions. They want to believe they are untouchable and eternally safe to enjoy protection of party political ideology to get away with murder.

They have failed dismally to fight for a good cause, nor find direction to radical transformation in rebuilding their countries from ashes without the help of the West, Europe and Asia or the Middle East. How will South Africa help secure job loses when Ford Motors pulls out of the country? Worst of all they lack dynamic moral principles by which society can be guided to raise its consciousness of values to a high Plateau of human progress and self-actualization.  If they were capable of leading would we have mass community protests and street blockades  and demands to build houses and create jobs?

The world is a stage and events that surround the plight of the African race are scripts we should learn to appreciate in order to contemplate our role in effecting positive change for our people. Some African leaders prefer to disobey the fundamental laws of morality and ethics but rather opt to pursue a managerial style that is indirect conflict with their appointment directive.” concluded Echos of Africa’s disenchanted voices”.

Then I thought to myself, maybe, those who violate natural laws of life will later on find themselves paying a heavy price to learn one of life’s most cruel lesson i.e. The demise of Africa’s existence, will be no different from the fall of the Roman Empire a perfect recipe for our self-destruction.

Power corrupts and destroys those who are intoxicated by its overdose and venom. Especially if you ignore the reason it was handed to you in the first place. We simply decay and evaporate like boiling water on the stove when we stop listening to our conscience. Our conscience is sometime our voice of reason and steers our short comings to correct our ills.

How Long Are We Going To Remain Silent Or Stand Aloof!

Before Our Country Is Reduced To Ashes… Rivers Of Blood And Mountains Of Dead Bodies!

Cities Become Haunted Ghost Towns And Suburbs Become Graveyards!

Our Freedoms and Liberties have been trampled upon by people we trusted and confided in unconditionally, this violation has been undermined for over 22 years? It is time to stand up and do something to alter the cause of our own destiny? South Africa’s leadership is in crisis and the country is moving in a wrong direction. Citizens, tax-payers and wealth creators are desperate for dynamic leadership change.

How can we forge a new better path that will define our social security towards a resounding political stability to improve our activity and participation in the mainstream economy, if we keep silent and aloof? People are unhappy the question we must ask ourselves as a society is! What are we doing about it – to make things different?

There is a saying that goes like this:- “A stitch in time saves nine” what it means is this, South Africans from all walks of life should standup against government power abuse and corruption before it is too late!

South Africa is not immune from financial and political decay of ethics. We are simply a breath away from emotional and psychological maladjustment of total responsibility paralysis! That’s why our status as a country has been reduced to junk! Otherwise, our social and morality conscience has become questionable and in disarray to the core to warrant our silence…


“if it is to be – It is up to you”