In softness the spirit is hard
and in hardness there is no
spirit that is soft!
Tough life is God’s love
God’s love is life on the verge!

If life is earned in good faith
and through honest hard efforts
Success and Rewards should be
celebrated with the same spirit
without trying to steal from the Creator!

Our greatest moments on earth
are best expressed and remembered
through our native silent language
Our tears of joy!
To know we can over-come

To be grateful that we are humans
is to honour the confidence of Archangels
who bestowed upon us with the crown to be
Kings and Queens of this creation

With this responsibility we should
act and respect the part that we play
Lest we perish empty-handed the next day
and disgrace the titles and names we carry
on our heads and shoulders

Be a responsible leader and account
for your good and bad deeds
Other smaller species in creation
and citizens in dire need look up to you
for inspiration, guidance and protection

Allow the legacy and footprints of your
Kingship speak for itself!
To remind us of how you applied your wisdom
to rule and share the wealth of your country with your people