Maybe a social welfare programs in the county to help homeowners in distress can alleviate evictions and unemployment faced by home-owners. If enough people vote for such a measure, it could be paid for by property taxes or a special assessment concession. Rather than property taxes going to pay for salaries of low-level clerks or to line the pockets of corrupt officials, a fund set aside to provide assistance directly to homeowners may be one of the few wise applications of a tax. However, the free market and citizens themselves can probably do much better and respond quicker to a quickly-changing real estate market.

How far do banks and Insurance Co. support Entrepreneurship?

Small, local banks offering low rates to local homeowners could be another solution, if the banks have sufficient resources. Rather than watching The Reserve Bank and Treasury bail out hedge funds and banks, citizens could work with the banks in their local business area. The banks may see this as an opportunity to expand their business and create loyalty with the customers they assist.

Obviously, homeowners who simply can not afford their homes any longer would not qualify for a new loan, but ones that can prove stable income and that the temporary hardship is over may be a potential source of ongoing business.


Foreclosure victims often learn financial prudence as one consequence of facing the loss of their homes, and they will be grateful to a local bank that allows them a second chance. This may translate into the same family transferring their investments or personal bank accounts to the local bank, as well as sending referral business.

The Government’s National Development Plan  Vision 2030 will not Benefit me or The Unemployed!

The Government's National Development Plan Vision 2030 will not Benefit me or The Unemployed!
We need to deal with the situation and that too immediately before the situation goes out of our hands. There are many solutions to the problem of unemployment. One of them is population control. This is a good solution, but the problem is that it is not an immediate solution. Even if we start today it will take us many years to control the situation completely. Another possible solution is increasing the number of jobs. Though that also is not an immediate solution, but if we take a start now, we can meet the goal in a certain time.

How Brave Are Local Youth To Venture into The Unknown?

Now, the question is how to increase job opportunities. There is only one way to increase the number of jobs, which is by creating new jobs. The possible solution is starting new business, firms, and small business, in short the entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a term gaining very much importance these days. Entrepreneurship is defined as an act of starting an organization with available resources and finance.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship. The biggest disadvantage is the risk involved. Risk is the main reason that stops us from taking initiative with new business. Though this is not such a big issue and if we follow proper method, we can deal with it.

In the quest to find some reasonable solutions to fix the foreclosure problem raging throughout the country, the usual avenues of power have been decidedly quiet. Yes, there have been no public pronouncements by the Government , Banks and Property Magnates that the problem needs to be fixed. But, these institutions have relatively little influence on the real estate market and economy in general. If foreclosure victims are to find any relief, it will have to come from decentralized, creative community solutions, rather than a one size fits all National Government Program.

Well they are Micropreneur’s. A Micropreneur is a business entrepreneur who is willing to accept the risk of starting and managing the type of business that remains small, allows them to do the kind of work they want to do and offers them a balanced lifestyle.

Here are 5 small business ideas that you can consider:

1. Mobile/TV/DVD repair: If you are an electronic geek and have knowledge about the different parts of a gadget, you can assist people and repair their electronics. It’s a service that you can begin to provide at a minimal cost and then expand your business and keep employees.

2. Parking Space Rentals: If you own a big bungalow and have a drive way or a plot somewhere, you could give it as a space for parking. The number of cars all over the world is increasing four fold. Parking is always going to remain a problem. You could rent out the space you own for parking.

3. Postcard Mailer: You could hand deliver postcards to people in the same state. Though emails have taken over postcards but some people still believe in sending handmade cards and postcards to near and dear ones. Sending it by post takes a lot of time. You could do the needful for people.

4. Plant Display, Watering and Care Service: If you enjoy gardening, you can display your plants. You can sell them and also provide services to people to take care of their plants. You can sell the plants to people but remember that you will need to provide after sale services.

5. Contractor Referral Service: You could help people find contractors. It is hard to reach contractors. You could build a link with some contractors and work as a

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