soweto in a nutshell

“Yet, all of us (citizens of the Southern African Region) are victims of material obsessions, accumulation and aggrandisement of power to conquer little urges of our deep seated subconscious human lust, anger, greed, ego and attachments of all sorts to overshadow the tears and the pain that is killing us inside.”


Soweto In a Nutshell – Introduction

“We are living an adopted American dream life, an extension of our ego in hybrid cultural diverse worlds pretending to be all that we can be, i.e. celebrated South Africans a “freed” people of 1994. Are we encapsulated in the trauma of truth decay by political misrepresentation and power struggles of our beloved political affiliations?

Various political party rivals stab each other in the back today and the next morning they kiss on Network News and make up in parliament with the opposition, party alliance perpetrators, without resolving community disputes and discrepancies of their constituencies.”

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“How else, should we survive in a concrete jungle with all these facade, pretence, and delusions of grandeur? Who can you truly trust with your honest judgement or vote now or in the future?”

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