Do money changers buy money from banks?

Question: what does money order mean? paying through money order? ” – by ” Malia


Answer: Money Orders are basically guaranteed checks that you buy from a local seller (banks, grocery stores, etc) They are bonded (insured against legal issues) They are in essence a “middle man” for money transactions. You buy the money order, get charge a fee, get issued a guaranteed form of payment to whomever you make it out.

  • Most people buy money orders because they can be traced through the company to see who cashes them and businesses like them because they are assured of being able to cash them. It provides security for both parties, most especially those without checking accounts or for companies that want to be paid “up front” i.e credit/debit card so they can be assured of payment.

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Question: How is American Money different from money in Brazil? ” – by ” regine600

Answer: apart from what’s been said, I’d add that American Money have been Dollars for ever, since the beginning while Brazilian money just change from one denomination to the next. I knew about the Cruzeiros but I bet there have been a few different ones since.

  • Also, if you have a million American dollars today, you can bet that you will always be able to buy at least 20 brazilian homes, but if you have money today to buy 20 brazilian homes in the brazilian currency then you don’t know if you will still be able to buy 20 homes in three months, perhaps not even a sack of carrots, who knows.
  • It has happened before, same with Argentinian money. Mind you, it has happened to the Germans too but let’s say it seems to be chronic with Brazil.

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Question: In my Finance textbook, it states, “Most paper money is fiat money.” But I’d like know what paper money is not fiat money. Anyone know? Or is that just a false statement. ” – by ” reallyhotmichelle

Answer: Paper money is not fiat money when it’s backed by something like gold. Unfortunately, the dollar is now fiat money. Ever notice that since we got completely off the gold standard in 1971 that inflation has increased ever since? The gold standard was a check and balance that kept the government from just printing more money and increasing inflation, thus devaluing the dollar. Inflation is like counterfeiting money.

  • The more they print, the less value it has. Since there is no more gold standard, when we pay capital gains taxes, we can buy and sell an asset without it gaining any real value, but we pay taxes on the inflation. So we pay capital gains taxes based on inflation. And the government controls inflation by how much money they print.
  • That’s worse than conflict of interest. That’s abuse of power. Inflation will happen with fiat currency because governments don’t have the self control or restraint to not just print money whenever they “need” it.

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Question: Does Western Union take Credit Cards for a money order? Or do you have to pay for one with cash? Ive never sent one before, whats the difference between a regular money order and a certified money order? THANKS ” – by ” ~Laurie~

Answer: Actually, money orders can just be paid in cash, however, you can send a money transfer using a debit or credit card. Money orders and money transfers are two different things.

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Question: What can money do for you? What can’t money do for you? ” – by ” Desmond

Answer: Money can bring what you let it. Better health care. Happiness, if used properly. Security, in many ways, better cars, better housing, location, better jobs/ own business. Human body guards. Money can’t bring true friends. Proper ways in handling money. There is nothing wrong with having money. You must know to keep it for you and your family. If, you loose all of your money only true family will be there for you.

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Question: WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO HAVE, EDUCATION OR MONEY????? ” – by ” Zain Mustansir

Answer: money, education is only valuable if it gets you a good job and helps you earn more money

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