When fate ties you into a knot!

You think rich people are happy because they are fortunate. Fortunes come and fortunes go and they are created with our desires and the intent to own our world in search of unlimited possibilities. You want the best of everything in life but are not prepared to earn it the right way. You want fame and fortune to come to you without lifting a finger. How insensible are you to imagine and expect that gambling with this thought will do you good in both instances?

It’s too good to be true!

The point is!

Everything in life has a prize attached to it – There is no such a thing as “a free lunch”

If you do not plough anything positive in life you will not harvest good grapes just because you were thinking of grapes all day long yet did nothing tangible to deserve and to earn the unthinkable. “As you think so you become”. Negative corrupt thoughts don’t produce good crops. Only hard work and honesty pays off good dividends in the end. “What you sow – is what you reap”. It is as simple as that. Wealth and health are the two opposite poles of our lives’ puzzles in trying to keep a balance.

You pay a premium to have both! Otherwise, one has to be sacrificed to optimize the other’s full potential and vice verse. So is fame and fortune. It has becomes our biggest predicament in trying to choose our best desirable option without shedding anything between the two.

If you get one completely free of charge it will come at an expense of the other i.e. – You’ll lose one. “So much for having the best of both worlds”. How can you lose weight and still enjoy fatty hearty meals without putting an exercises program to help you shed the weight?  You can’t “bake your cake and eat it too” it’s like trying to tell the Day to share the same space with the Night at the same spot and time.

Our society has rich to super-rich individuals from political figures and criminals in the limelight who have forged their success at the expense of something “unthinkable”. They have found a way to “bake their cake and eat it too”. And we assume they’re happy and blessed. As if we the poor and ordinary citizens are cursed – because we are not famous nor blessed to be extravagant with their lavish lifestyles. Love or hate, friends or foes, black or white are no strangers in the wheel of seeking fame and fortunes.

But, few are willing if not prepared to pay an honest price to earn it the right way. To do so is to wait for it to mature with time, before it is harvested in the season for which it’s meant to be ripe and ready for consumption. S.A’s celebrities and so called “Tender-preneurs” have found a way to cheat life’s quizzical puzzles by going through the maze of time as easily as they “get away with murder”. They took their clues and cues from corrupt business partners who collude with corrupt politicians.

Legacy builders don’t cheat seasons of time to harvest their crops

Your Spirit is your license to God’s conscience

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You can gain fame or lose fortunes but without lifting a finger you’ll get nowhere, it’s all a pipe-dream. You’ll be like dog chasing a moving car and when that car “stops” it doesn’t know what to do. This is what happens when a government changes political leaders and the opposition party takes over.

To be famous and rich you must be a lucky hardworking dude to a degree of being considered fortunate. Bill Gates or Steve Jobs biographies tell a promising tale of building legacies of wealth through honest hard work. Yet to be fortunate you need to be luckier but possess a vision to work-wiser to keep such wealth and be content. It doesn’t   make people guess if you’re not happy and have not conquered Life’s mysterious quiz.

Although everything in life is possible. Life gives everyone an opportunity to explore the right means and ways of acquiring things without the temptation to cheat. Even though real wealth takes a little longer to build and realize results of once hard-earned goals. It is always better to let the process grow natural, than to seek short-cuts in obtaining quick riches. After all Nature’s menu of ordering and delivering our needs and wants is the most fail-safe means of securing a none forged and temporary happiness acquired through illegal means and methods. This is just how life operates – It doesn’t get any better than this.

Time measures the maturity of any seeds we plan to sow when we turn the soil
If it takes 9 months for a woman to conceive a baby – Do you think taking a short cut to deliver a new born baby and bypass a natural process is the best and safest way to endow the compensation of reaping what you did not sow?

Fame and fortune is not the only thing in life we should strive for. There are more important pressing issues we can embark upon to fulfill our life’s National or divine purpose than to fast-track our wishful thinking to rob the nation from it’s true potential, by engaging into unscrupulous bad business and negative social practices .

Would you rather chase fame and fortune than to fight “The State Capture” of South Africa’s decline of  society’s moral values? Jacques Pauw’s Book “The President’s Keepers” is a true eye-opener of why certain individuals in Government and society have become the country’s liability. You and I have the opportunity to act differently from these individuals and criminals. In chasing fame and fortunes seek what makes you the country’s asset and not a liability.

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