The local is “lekker” phenomena is a catch phrase that is only beginning to make sense to me recently, simply because my paradigm was hijacked by a different zone altogether when SA was crazy about going Global. I remember at that time in 2007 -2010 when SA wanted to brand itself to sell tourism to the world.

Bra Ike’s Radio Show

Timing is everything and this was in preparation to South Africa hosting the 2010 FIFA world cup games. Everyone was elated and over the moon with this special event. But, this is not about the FIFA soccer games or tourism. My talk is about unemployment and finding  South Africa’s passion once more to build its own people and guide them to the promise land.

A majority of the “African Black Folks” are still going through hell economically speaking and a major part of our challenge is to break free from Government programmes of failed promises to deliver job creation projects or  deploy work opportunity processes with the private sector in favor of the majority of our local people who need jobs  more than anything else.

Life Skills Tips & Coaching

Find a Talk Show That Tickles Your Fancy” is a collection of podcasts and motivational episodes that attempt to address the spiritual and psychological needs of people who are goal driven and want practical guidance. It replaces institutional political paradigm that seeks to pay lip service and do little to offer real solution to the nations’ unemployed crisis. “Talk is cheap – action speak louder than words” should be South Africa’s motto and a proactive action plan to implement small startup projects and the motivation to keep our people on the ball towards the pulse of our economic activity and not otherwise.

Although these podcasts are not the ultimate solution – they do make a big difference and impact on minds that are ready and willing to absorb knowledge to offer hope in finding  ways to fight poverty, ignorance and unemployment. “Half a loaf is better than no bread” is the philosophy of these talk show podcast platforms. So! Find a Talk Show That Tickles Your Fancy and run with it, join in and listen and share.

Business Opportunities Workshops

I compiled these podcasts becausese there has to be a better way to help people find motivation not to commit crime and find excuse to start service delivery strikes and perpetuate chaos. Our people need strong leadership and conviction for them change their paradigm as we find ourselves in this mess. Alternatives; discussions and dialogue can alleviate our circumstances to increase self motivation for individuals to stay above water and out of trouble. Anyone can listen to share with the public to empower our people.

I have put together podcast radio shows that will try to inspire direction and hope to those citizens who have been left out in the latch and deprived the insight to comprehend and find inspiration to go on. Visit these links to get more about each program! By clicking on the respective photo or attached link…

Health Tips Help Talks

It is time we begin to teach our people independence and build their self-esteem to strive for higher goals than anticipate government grants and apathy to be their only way out of poverty and despair. For a long time we Black African Folks relied too much on promises and BEE tenders that never materialized since this government came to power. (You all know why – nepotism rules as king in the corridors of government) outsiders don’t stand a chance to share and have a taste of the country’s economic pudding cake.

We know now where we stand and can begin to carve our own individual paths to seek alternatives. These alternative solutions will not come cheap or without a price. We can find a new reason to belong somewhere, rather than expect “Manna” to come from heaven. Every person is capable of a new start and a new beginning provided you can see and recognize these business and survival opportunities when they are presented to you. Free enterprise is a vehicle for people who do not want any strings attached, free from Government control and their devious plans to dupe you and our society to become mediocre and easy prey to manipulate and control for their personal gain and political abuse.

Stand up for yourself and change your circumstance

Stand up and fight your own personal battles to survive, if chaff comes to push try greener pastures outside of South Africa and look for those opportunities else where, like USA, UK, Canada, France and or Germany. We need to push the envelope and see possibilities beyond the horizon of South Africa’s borders to achieve impossible feats.

As long as you own a dream and possess the ability to take the first step; you can make things happen for you. It is possible to rise from the ashes like a “phoenix” to incredible heights of  undefined success in any field of your dreams and choices; from art, to music, poetry, to acting, singing to dance, filming making to music compositions etc. The time to dream is now and the hour to separate men from boys and shine better than the brightest star is to swallow your pride, take your courage and fly. The rest is history!

There is no law in the world that says “You Can’t Work and Be Your Own Boss (In Your Field of Expertise) From Any Where In The World“- “Trevor Noah” has done it, “Charlize Theron” has done it to name a few successful SA citizens who broke free from the chains of mediocrity to prove the false prophets wrong. Who says you can’t do it? You hold the key to transform and become the greatest “Hero” you’ve ever imagined you can be provided you own your brains and “the thoughts” in it. Everything is possible and within your reach,  “don’t belief it” – I know it and speak from experience.

What stands between you and your success or creative freedom is your belief system and your ways of thinking to allow limitations to bottle your view of life. “If it is to be – It is up to you”.  I’d rather start a revolution to assassinate ignorance, run away from complacency and break free from conformity and norms, than to allow myself to serve time and become prisoner of my own thoughts for the rest of my life. This is completely unacceptable and not a dignified point to discuss or even debate about.

Playing safe is not always a safe way to effect change

This is what our society has become to lease our liberties and freedoms from politicians and be held at ransom in keeping our frustrations and fuses silent and under tight control to remain satisfied. Yet, complacent and flabbergasted we are afraid to ask too many questions, about our placement in the economy of the country to question the status quo of being “wealthy beneficiaries” to the thrown we occupied legally in 1994 as beloved citizens -Is this the case for most citizens? I don’t think so.

Poverty has become our religion of choice 90% of our population live in slums, apathy the uniform we wear to showcase our controlled state of being. Disenchanted is our vows not to show remorse or regret because we know no better, which democracy was suited for our daily needs.  Dependency has become our daily bread to keep feeding our frenzy with flavors of the month social media episodes that serves no purpose or significance to our health or mental well-being.

Our temporary borrowed happiness is constantly under threat as we continue to play safe in our endeavor to try please everybody else except ourselves at the expense of sacrificing our values and spiritual sanity. Would there be a need to write about these issues if everything was OK? You would know the answers to all these questions if you did not try to play safe. After all you’re a citizen and need to exercise your rights and allow your conscience to work for you and not against your better judgement.

Good luck & Peace!