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In loving Memory of Maurice White! Enjoy music of the Cosmos!

Let the four seasons of your heart be the guiding force to your spirits’ adventure. Exploring and venturing into the unknown is the only reason why there is September in our hearts.September is the season where gates of love and passion are opened for us to live happily ever after. We dance and laugh in harmony with the universe, because our soul has found its true purpose and sense of belonging.

We cry and sob because we are only human and possess the spirit of God consciousness and the power to change and be who we really want to be.

In the mist of turmoil and challenges, we rise and fall because we are born to stand up and fight the battle like a warrior whose only aim is to come back home victorious. Will power and patience get us through the day. Why give up now?

Paul J. Meyer once said: “Life is journey and not a destination”. Dreaming and planning your life to be a winner requires vision and support from people who believe in you and your potential.

Your path to survive and be the best you can be; is to keep the momentum of enthusiasm going; never assume you have arrived and won the battle until you reach that most important goal post the “Top Of the Mountain- The Beacon of Victory”.

Look Beyond Your Limitations
A Chinese wise proverb says “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step”. To turn your life around you need more than just the first step to realize the impact of your dreams and goals.

You need to have a vision and PATIENCE to embark on the trip or adventures of life’s roller coaster episodes.

If life was that easy no one would be born to take up the challenge. Only winners are born to this world to prove to themselves that they can “Do It”. That’s why you have a “Zodiac-Star-Sign” behind your name to back you up and to witness hidden secrets of your talents and true becoming.


Most people battle to even believe they have potential to make that change happen. Few bother to recognize and acknowledge their own existence, but end up nowhere because of lack of interest and guidance to follow through their calling and divine instincts.

Besides! a majority of people are in a comfort zone which protects their insecurities to venture out and take risks. With risk comes responsibility and fruits of your labour to show you’re committed in this relationship of winning life’s battles.

September is the season where the gates of life open-up for us to live happily ever after. We dance and laugh because our soul has found its true purpose and meaning to be born again.

Risk means taking a step to do something that most people are afraid of doing, because of public opinion from following their own inner voice.

Learning to follow your heart patiently is proven to yield extreme positive result if you know what else to do thereafter. Let the reason to live be your heart’s music, the key that opens doors to so many possibilities, dream big and be happy.


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