Most people are as free as their minds can detain them or as imprisoned as their spirit can disallow them to contain it. If every man was born with wings on his mind to fly! How come few are willing to pay the price to take off to the skies?

After all thinking is free.
If that is the case -flying should be a liberating and an exhilarating experience, when left in the hands of the owner of that mind. Otherwise everyone would easily accomplish and fulfill their personal goals to reach their destiny without sacrificing their power to allow someone else to drive their goals or ambitions for them.

Today black people claim to be free but live in poverty and strife, unemployed and in dire straits! South Africa’s education system is designed to produce educated slaves, who have been deprived the ability to turn their talents into creative and thriving enterprises that have nothing to do with Government Tenders.

Are we free because we have wings and can fly? Or our minds are controlled by someone else other than ourselves? Perhaps we are not aware of the power of our capabilities, because someone else is doing the thinking for us? Maybe our mind is just another gray matter that was placed there by accident in our heads to decorate our physiology and psych, to look intelligent and sophisticated in the eyes of the world.

Today the country is called democratic because black people have a vote. Is our vote worthy of anything to the people we’ve placed in power to acknowledge that we are happy and are living our dream of Shangri-la?

Or rather; our understanding of democracy is so screwed up and conflicted that, we are lazy to find out what it really means to our well-being to assume the obvious. So! we prefer to go with the flow to think we understand what it is just because the “term” sounds great in our ears and makes us feel good every time someone mentions it?

Do we possess the power to explore the strength of democracy or determine the limits in the size of our leadership and thinking skills?

You choose freedom because you want to conquer your demons or run away from the past to experience a new flight of fancy.
I choose freedom because I want to steer my destiny towards my personal ambition and to drive my goals to a worthwhile accomplishment.
The nation chooses democracy because it is the constitution that decides otherwise. Now who determines how the nation should occupy and enjoy this democracy and who will replenish the plate when it is finished?

Is the space in our democracy enough for legitimate citizens to occupy peacefully and flourish even if it is has been invaded by “others” who don’t truly qualify?
Is this place called democracy “equally” distributed and appealing in today’s economy for legitimate citizens to fully exploit while they entertain their talents and abilities to thrive continuously?
Are we using every opportunity to its full advantage to honor what it stands for! Or someone else like our “politicians” have abused our “democracy” to take advantage of our ignorance and innocence as citizens?

Yes! Freedom to fly and conquer space is a matter of choice.
Yet! Freedom to rise and defy gravity is a personal state of mind.
Whereas! Freedom to dream is a song of the spirit that wants to know itself and to flourish.
And Freedom to sing and celebrate life is a gift from the Gods in the Heavens above to bless our existence.

Yet that freedom has been violated and trampled upon by the State Capture of State Owned Enterprises.
Is this the same Freedom and Liberty we fought against to conquer Apartheid? You be the judge!
The fact of the matter is that South Africa is a fine mess, “The State Capture” is not only travesty of justice in the violation of all citizens’ rights, but high treason to our country’s constitution.

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