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Being in your amazing company was truly a blessing and an honour!
In memory of our beloved brother & close friend: Kwena Ashford Maphiri may your spirit reach the lap of the Creator with love and peace. God bless your wonderful soul. I love you my brother and will miss your jokes and companionship

The key to heaven is not up it is on the ground
The window to paradise is not on the sidewalk
It is by the tree trunk
The road to success is not on the highway south
It is under your shoes
Get the picture?

To open the door to Heaven you must have the key
To get the key you must break the window
without touching it
To hold the key is to close your eyes
and stop breathing
That’s how you get your hands dirty
Get the picture?

To see yourself alive and kicking
Is to die thinking about your own eternity
To stop worrying about tomorrow
Is to pretend the day only exists for itself
But to succeed and conquer all odds
Is to fight wisely and swim against existence
Get the picture?

The reason we are locked outside of Heaven
Is not so much that we are who we are
but who we are not suppose to be
The questions we should ask ourselves about our world
Is not so much how we should fit inside it
but why it shouldn’t embrace itself around us

Our greatest moments on earth
are best expressed and remembered
through our native silent language
Our tears of joy!
To know we can over-come
Get the picture?

Lyrics 2009© Copyright Reserved I. Khonjelwayo. Courtesy Samablue Music

Oneness – Reunion

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads