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What‘s the Purpose of This Blog? Why Am I Blogging – You Asked!


I want to inspire hope; I want to live LIFE to the fullest, I want to die handsome or kill time and bury my haunting past in the pages of printed copies of this media. I want to pretend I am not hurting or hunting for peace and financial security. I want to live loving life like a king, but I feel helpless and despondent, that is the truth.


When fate ties your nuts into a knot, you are a good citizen and an honest tax payer, a hard working family man and brought up in a respectable poverty-stricken home with good family “Christian” religious VALUEs. Yahc!

“You were loyal to your country before and after the struggle and had HIGH HOPES of a better life, A Good Job, Happy dogs, and liberation from Apartheid for you and your family meant the world. But it turned out horribly wrong and bitter for almost 95% of the Black ordinary folks of South Africa across the board. You believed every word about your countrys constitution and the psychology of human rights protection together with its subtle intend and all that jazz” everything was music to your ears when Mandela was released from prison.

But your trust has been violated and is destroyed by a new dispensation of a stuck-up breed of African Politicians and their Crooked Party Political Agenda. You paid the ultimate prize for the struggle- arrested, sponsored the political modus-operandi, sacrificed your life to make the difference, captured and detained, placed in solitary confinement, beaten, called names, kicked, battered and bruised faceless beyond recognition and celebrated the demise of Apartheid with a broken smile in the shifting and drift shades of time.

You still came out strong and tall, yes I am alive twice and more powerful than Evil Magic Spells and Curses put together. Like concrete I hope to be a pillar of hope for those who lost their balance and sense of purpose. Do they know about this? Yes They Do- they pretend I do not exist, because their mission has been accomplished, but mine just about to begin.


The point is!

I want to depict and reflect certain truths about us South Africans and my spiritual connection to some of my other experiences. To represents glimpses of South Africa & Soweto’s authentic strives and thrives, i.e. my heart-felt rhythms of its biological clock and a mixture of modern day blues and its complacent melodic state of flux or rather; mental to emotional instability and insecurities of its inhabitants. Perhaps the complexity of our inability to voice our discontent with our new Found Government and its Leadership Incompetency’s is more paralyzing than the thought to keep silent makes believe we are satisfied.

It is about the plight and courage of a people that stood to fight for an ideal purpose in life. Who learnt to stand together united by a common goal to overcome adversity and challenges beyond limits defined by destiny of a political agenda.  It was through a sick unjust system of government oppressive laws towards Black people that; the now defunct Apartheid was conquered. Black people were organized and focused on the liberation goals with a unity of purpose, now all that is lost and no more.

My effort is to attempt to crystallize the important parables of this current and past unique blend of human strength the integrity of character that reminds me of June 16 Soweto 1976, in which I yearn to paint the inner and outer kaleidoscope of my observations while unravel but the basic unending, yet intertwined mystery of its unfolding yet unlimited tapestry.

If politicians, organized crime, blue collar syndications and white-collar crooks and thugs can get away with murder in the way they conduct their criminal affairs, in this country yet go unpunished; Why shouldn’t an unsuspecting ordinary citizens do the same?

This is probably why South Africa is plagued by fear “silence of the lambs”, cholera of political mischief and the over-indulgence of power by the ruling party and their insensitive cronies.

  • Poor governance,
  • Riots,
  • Poor education
  • Manslaughter,
  • Rage,
  • Drunk driving,
  • High fuel prices,
  • Child trafficking
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Woman abuse
  • Sex exploitation,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Tension and strife
  • Shortage of housing,
  • Child molestation,
  • Unemployment,
  • Rape,
  • Mass murders,
  • Satanism
  • Sickness,
  • Disease,
  • TB,
  • Fraud,
  • Political intolerance,
  • Secrecy bill
  • Civil disobedience,
  • Load shedding
  • Xenophobia
  • Tsunami of obesity,
  • Overeating
  • Ignorance,
  • eTolling,
  • Robberies,
  • Car hijackings,
  • Rumors,
  • Drug peddling in schools,
  • Student’s protests,
  • Population explosion
  • Social unrest,
  • High cost of living,
  • Poverty,
  • Slumps,
  • Squatter camps,
  • High interest rates,
  • Corruption in corridors of power,
  • Corruption in banks,
  • Insurance scams,
  • Illegal arms deals,
  • Gun smuggling,
  • Mismanagement of social grants,
  • Celebrity scandals,
  • Uncensored TV porn,
  • Internet porn,
  • Mobile operators price wars,
  • Hunger and suffering,

The list goes on and on

Yet! The answer or solution is not farfetched and clear, it defies human mental comprehension of what went wrong, since Nelson Mandela came out of prison.

Where do we place Moral Code of Proper Living Standards? God forbid “all people are born equal and should be treated with dignity and respect” has lost meaning and a sense of justice this country has become.

Rather everyone has adopted a new philosophy of living i.e. “me-myself-and-I” to become self-fish, greedy, self centered, unappreciative, lazy, complacent, restless, impatient and arrogant. Everything is about me and the politics of power relations to promote nepotism.

This has become the new religion and mantra of the modern day obsessed South African culture.Where Twits talk to Teens and Teens seem to twig like clocks. Facebook flows like water and mortar feels like butter when you scroll the Home Page.

It is Instagram that takes pictures of Milly in grams with ganja, before you know it; you’re hooked. As if everything revolves around you and them. Every citizen is chanting it to attract instant happiness at the expense of violating others’ rights and disobeying the law.

Total disregard for simple by-laws of littering this country is about dirt all over the place, so are the Billion Rand Tenders that exchange hands in Government “Closets” to comrades who are sleeping partners with the ruling party.

That is why I am blogging! Until the NET crushes to the last binary digit, my pen will continue to dance on paper to find the lost chord or reality and the true meaning of human strive. I want to live loving life like a king, but I feel helpless and despondent. I want to pretend I am not hurting or hunting for peace and security-: That is the truth.

Why are you still reading this??? Anyway follow me – there is more where this came from and a little light at the end of the tunnel. You ain’t seen nothing yet until you have everything like them! Just click the “like-button” on This Blog and let me take you to the end of the WORLD with me.

Peace be upon you.