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Empower Women An Awakening – The Book

Limited Hard-copy Edition The Book

First 4 copies are Free – YES Free i said my donation to you.

(2 copies are reserved for two men and the other 2 for two women)

  • Copy no.5 sells for R10
  • Copy no.6 sells for R15
  • Copy no.7 sells for R20
  • Copy no.8 sells for R25
  • Copy no.9 sells for R35
  • Copy no.10 sells for R55
  • Copy no.11 sells for R65
  • Copy no.12 sells for R75
  • Copy no.13 sells for R85
  • Copy no.14 sells for R95
  • Copy no.15 sells for R100

Redeem yourself now or get lost in the maze of time and delusions of grandeur.

Get This Limited Edition Book Today!


As we live on borrowed time – Every breath wasted can not be retrieved.
Time spent giving back what belongs to God – Might be counted as time well spent on earth.

God’s fair play is not to extend credit or provide unnecessary overdraft to those who play with time to exist without a purpose (Only banks do).

Your life is precious – So is your breath and it’s allocation to your existence.

The clock will continue to tick and tick for those who are awake and conscious – to “make hay while the sun shines“. To anyone asleep with their eyes opened; when the bells toll and the last breath is taken. You will be gone and dis-empowered to make a difference to those around you.

Empower women while you still can. You’ll never know what life-after death has in store for you. Only God knows why you’re being spared instead of ordered to return to His divine courtyard and face the music. Be thankful you’ve gone past today without a glitch or warning signs.

Who knows what tomorrows’ bad “news” might bring to your closest family, relatives and friends! To seal the last chapter of “the book of life” you failed to write when you were still alive?

Do things right before your time is up.

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