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Fellow Friends & blog readers,

I recently launched a “Gift-It Foundation” website to help raise money for local communities, especially children in the Black Township of Soweto in Pimville purchase violins to learn how to play music. We want to get all children off the streets and occupy them with something which can develop their skills for the future.Soweto Jazz Band

This music instruments project was a nine years engagement these kits are now grown up. Their music teacher is Mr. Mzwandile Kali  who is has graduated with a diploma in music. We want to grow his classes so that we can record a music album to improve our funding model for a few of my projects.

So now we are trying to raise money to buy a Kombi to transport these children from the Church Music Classes to their different homes in the afternoon. To create two more jobs in our community we need extra money to hire a temp driver. Even though these projects are funded from my own pocket, my coffers are dry because I am currently unemployed so it is becoming difficult to keep these projects going. I have to sell and merchandise my art works to meet this need.

Fundraising Promotion

As a result I have decided to sell my paintings which I thought will help me in my retirement, since I am currently unemployment, and hope to raise money for this purpose. Proceeds from my art sales will subsides this project until we meet our goal.

  • One the kombi will cost about R89,500 second
  • To get a travel allowance for this exercise for the whole year we need: R12,000
  • Temporary driver on adhoc basis will require: R24,000 per year
Art For Life Gift-It Fundraising Initiative
I am running a special painting sales campaign for this purpose and this promotion is valid for 7 days, after which it will be terminated. When we extend this promotion the price will go up slightly until our goal is reached. Please help us reach for a purpose by buying this painting. .

  This Project is trying to get more kits on the program

We will also appreciate if your company or business can come to the party for this reason. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated. The art work I am promoting is titled “I am because you are”

You can access the special art promotion item


You can also download the PRICE list here

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads