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Be Proactive & Learn To Solve Problems


  • BFLA is a platform where I brand and launch job seeking candidates who want to be marketed to companies that are looking for confident employees who can fit job profiles for job opportunities in all sectors of our industries.
  • BFLA is not an employment agency or an employer, rather BFLA works in conjunction with employers and employment agencies to screen these job applicants on their behalf. A good relationship with employment agencies and my connections to the industry places BFLA in good credible position to make a difference.
  • BFLA is the future alternative to job email marketing and job seekers screening dilemma faced by companies in order to match the right talent with the right skills and qualifications using minimum time and resources cost effectively.
  • BFLA is the breeding and professional training ground to prepare job seekers with the right tools and attitudes to be preferred employees to the right employer.
Membership is paramount due to the fact that current methods used by industry to find potential employees are outdated and cumbersome. BFLA is the technology than can bridge this gap.

BFLA is the future and has programs and solutions for both job seekers and employers to match the two faster, cheaper and quicker. Creating jobs in South Africa is NOT an impossible task to overcome. 

Our focus is on prepping the local candidate to become more competitive with their international counter-part. To give you a slight edge and the ability to standout from ordinary folks. I teach you the technique to be extraordinary and special.



Zig Ziglar Quotes

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”


I take pride in the approach I use to prepare graduates with life skills coaching tips and job seeking techniques in order to differentiate themselves from mediocre method of seeking jobs. 

Where I turn rough stones into sparkling diamonds and gold dust into shining gold bars. I turn ordinary people into extraordinary individuals and sharpen hopeless souls into winners and poor losing mind-sets into champion successful skilledPro” job FINDERS.

Join me and gain profound knowledge; tips and trick to hone your winning edge in finding the right job. This is your last chance before I close the doors. There is a saying in “Kasi” township that goes like this!

 “In Soweto we don’t watch things happen we make things happen – In South Africa when Soweto sneezes the whole country catches cold”

This means that if you don’t see the potential opportunity of this project you’re either blind or living in the past. By the time you wake up from your slumber the train heading towards the future shall have left the station. Losers always wonder what‘s happening instead of making things happen

The revolution in technology always provides solutions to society’s problems and challenges! Why not embrace change and become part of progress. This is how Facebooks was born, this is how Twitter and YouTube was founded.  

A bridge to bring the world closer to peoples’ needs in order for us to celebrate and reach for our dreams and aspirations. Progress is about change and taking risks. Risk is the  only purpose why life is happening. Resistance is your persistence to perpetuate failure to rise to any occasion.

Freedom & Liberty Is The Space For Our Minds To Explore Possibilities

Our freedoms and liberties is a canvas for our ideals as a people and a believe system to showcase our capabilities and talents so as to change the world. Our hopes to fight against ignorance and to dispel darkness amongst ourselves becomes our only weapon to emerge victorious from the tunnel of despair and hopelessness.

Become part of change to pioneer progress and to shed that light for your current generation. The June 16, 1976 generation was an era of liberators of Apartheid – How will you lead the next generation into a better tomorrow?

Walala Wasala
Isaac Khonjelwayo
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