Thinking Positive is a motivation as well as a means of keeping your mind and attitude healthy. Proactive-Prevention is a key to general wellness. (Not smoking, drinking heavily, or over indulgence etc. affects one’s state of mind and thinking straight). Being generally optimistic about life can improve your health as it allows you to be in control, open minded, and make rational decisions.

This is an important during “Fight or Flight” responses. Attitude always plays a role in good health. A Healthy Attitude promotes and constitutes a healthy mind and body. Your well-being depends on your frame of mind and how you view the world around you.

Activities such as going for walks, reading a good book, re-living positive nostalgic moments, and doing things such as volunteering your time to a needy cause are all things that can improve your attitude and your frame of mind.

Relaxation equals Healthy mindset

Define Your Own Success Rules
Taking time to be alone, reflecting on life, re-engineering your thoughts, and taking a self evaluation inventory once in a year also helps rejuvenate your health goals. If you don’t take time for yourself you will feel overburdened and this will lead to stress and anxiety.

A lot of people concentrate too much on the physical appearance of the body more than they would the spiritual aspect of it. Although, if you want to increase the size of your muscle fast to look good outside is still ok, the health of the body feeds on the goodwill of the spirit. Eating habits also, tend to affect our balance in thinking positive, due to the type of food one takes into the body.

Well! There is always the healthy diet and the natural nutrition of foods, but most people don’t seem to have the patience to wait for the body to respond to change, when they embark on muscle increasing physical exercises. They desire instant fast and quick results, which is detrimental to the body’s physical well-being.

This is where vitamins and supplements come into play. Supplements will significantly increase the muscle growth or the fat loss. If you just wanting to stay healthy then, your simple vitamin A,B,C,D and E are always a good supplementary solution.

These vitamins are pretty cheap as well. Let me talk a little about body building and recovery supplements here. How can you keep your body weight and fat levels down or normal? If your present lifestyles and social engagement does not provide you with the necessary time and inclination to work towards a healthy body. Visiting a gym regularly is an alternative for most of our busy executives or workforce.

Eating Habits Modification

Cutting down on fat-inducing foods is also difficult because most of our fast foods (which are easily accessible to find and eat) are high on fat content. The meat and fish products we consume regularly also play a role in our diet.

vege foodsThe only viable answer to our obesity problems is to take such foods that retard fat formation and accumulation. Many of us are compulsive eaters. Appetite reducing pills can help such people. Or simple engagement of doing gardening and manual labour of house chores seems to work a trick and solve obesity issues.

But, maintaining a healthy body and good posture is a regular challenge for people who have adopted a western lifestyle. Yet having a continued positive attitude is something everyone should attempt to work at, all the time to keep healthy and stress free.

Isaac Khonjelwayo

Options To Healthy Diet