When fate ties you into a knot

You go through a mid life crisis alone and everyone seems to think you’re crazy and resentful
What they don’t understand is you’re feeling unsure about life as you grow older and wiser
People tend to appear detached and distance themselves from you than ever before
Who cares how near and dear your hell or paradise is to your heart, than they are to you?
Maybe midlife crisis is a temporary state of paradox

The point is!

No one seems to comprehend your sentiments, until they walk into your shoes
Every generation of humans wear a different set of costumes when the weather of creation changes its seasons
When I was a child I behaved like a child and did not understand my parents
Now I am an adult and wiser, my children do not understand me and vice verse.
Are we drifting apart or just getting more close when we argue?


The choices of which door one opens everyday to visit the world is determined by how you want to age mentally before you celebrate your physical birthdays!
Get active daily any which way you can to remain young and beautiful
Do something to keep your mind and body active to maintain your wisdom and charm
Life is about action and not reactions from what people think and say about you.

Just be happy!

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This is not the end of the world – According to Pat Metheny Group

This is not the end of the world – According to Pat Metheny Group

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