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Question: I find myself falling at times, because I am not motivated enough. At first there may be some motivation, but as time progresses, I get lazy. Any tips or techniques? ” – by ” Ryoomi

Answer: Here are the top 5 self motivation tips I extract from

  1. Decide On Your Goals And Write Them Down To get motivated, you need to know what you’re aiming to achieve, so plan short, medium and long term goals. The goals you choose need to be realistic and achievable. There’s no point in setting the goal-posts so high they’re out of reach – you’re doomed to fail, and failure is not very motivating!
  2. Write your goals down and place them in a spot where they’re clearly visible and remember to re-visit them as often as possible. Tell somebody else about your goals and dreams. Verbalizing and visualizing your goals makes them feel real.
  3. Don’t Let Your Feelings Get In The Way We don’t always wake up every morning with the exuberance we would like, particularly when there’s no time-card to be punched. People with work from home businesses require a level of self motivation that those in the regular work force can’t even begin to imagine. Feelings are only that – feelings. They DON’T run your life! Remember the old song “Some Days Are Diamonds, Some Days Are Stone?” Life is a bit like that; some days you’ll wish you never got out of bed, others you’ll power through your day. When the only person you have to answer to is yourself, make sure the messages you’re hearing are the right ones. Hitting the Snooze button is not going to make you or your home based business a success, so no matter how you feel, get up and do it anyway! Even really bad morning people find their motivation levels rise once they get started, regardless of how they felt earlier in the day.
  4. Stop Procrastinating Procrastination kills self motivation, but procrastination can be overcome with a well-structured daily schedule. People with work from home businesses, particularly Internet businesses, can find it difficult to set up a daily schedule because every day is different. The aim is to prioritize your tasks, giving the highest priority to those activities that will make you money. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the number of things you have to do. The answer is to complete each task before moving on to the next one. Procrastination can leave you feeling frustrated at never having achieved anything, so when you complete each task you set yourself, reward yourself for your achievements.
  5. Reward Yourself Work from home businesses don’t have somebody in the corner office to give you that bonus you worked so hard for, or a day off in lieu, so you need to be able to reward yourself for your efforts. Your self motivation will increase enormously if you give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Your reward doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost anything. Reward yourself with a night off and watch the latest release DVD, or go to the park with the kids. If you’ve had a financial gain, play a round of golf or have your hair done – it will make you feel great. Here’s a self-motivation suggestion from a friend who works for himself: “I like to write down my to-do list and award myself a large red tick as I complete each item. It may sound silly, but those big red ticks help give me a feeling of achievement.”
  6. Have Fun! Home based businesses can be incredibly hard work, so a sense of humor is a key ingredient in your success recipe. Try not to take yourself or your business too seriously. Learning to enjoy yourself while you work your home based business keeps you enthusiastic and motivated, and staying enthusiastic and motivated helps you keep your stress levels under control. Hope this helps. -Michael

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Question: In the movie “first Knight” with Sean Connery and Richard Gere what is the motivation of King Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere. And can you explain and give references from the movie. ” – by ” Good Guy

Answer: the motivation of sean connery aka arthur, is for freedom or justice in an era of lawlessness, alongside marrying guinevere of course.. richard gere appears motivated by guinevere almost exclusively, but also to protect the weak in part due to what happened to him when he was little. guinevere is motivated by the need to protect her people in lee-in-esse (not sure how to spell it), so it would appear she is fond of arthur but marrying him for protection against the villian… her motivation is love for lancelot, secretly until the end.

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Question: I have to do some exercises for my back, but I haven’t been doing them. Everytime I have time to do them, I’m just lazy or tired or I just don’t wan to ?do them , but I have to do them! I think I just need some motivation. How can I find that motivation? ” – by ” gabitaberrios

Answer: Make a Plan: Make yourself a plan of what you think is a reasonable amount of exercise. It is easier to stick to a plan. Reward Yourself: At the end of your exercise routine, reward yourself. Make some Rest Days: You are probably going to lose motivation if you exercise every single day. Make a rest day to get away from the exercising. Good luck and dont give up!

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Can Motivation Unlock Our Creative Clock – Imagination?


Question: Im 14, 5’5, and 152lbs. At different times i have become extremely motivated to lose weight and it usually only lasts for a few weeks before i have something occur that makes me feel as if it isnt necessary to workout anymore. When i do workout, i generally run and do pushups and or situps. I do multiple sports including volleyball, swimteam, and judo. However its summertime and my sports are all on break besides weekly open gyms. I really do want to lose this weight.

My ultimate goal weight is 135 seeing as i know i am built to be wider and will never be able to achieve a lower weight and still be healthy. So basically my question is does anyone have any tips on how to keep motivation up for working out and eating right. My mother is very supportive since she herself is very active and keen on losing weight but we do different types of exercise. So healthy eating will be fairly manageable. Please help! Any tips will be helpful! ” – by ” Im Trying So Hard

Answer: Motivation isn’t something others can help you with. If you lack motivation you must just go to the gym till it becomes a habit, then motivation won’t be such a problem. Also when you love doing something, you just do it right? You don’t need motivation cause its just something that makes you happy. If you manage to make gym training such a thing then you will no longer need to motivate yourself.

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Question: Hi, I’m 15 male. I really need motivation to do homework. I never do it and my grades are falling. I like games instead, I mean my parents say I’m smart, but I just don’t apply myself. Help? ” – by ” Jake

Answer: If you find it hard to stay motivated, try doing some of your homework in the morning when you wake up, or at school during a break. I know this sounds like alot to do, especially as you are learning all day long, but if you can learn to manage your time, you will be able to relax at home. Try not leaving it until Sunday as this makes homework pile up and becomes even less motivating. Identify your motivations, is it too much work to do? is it uninteresting? is it difficult? next, work out if your motivations are intrinsic (i.e. I want to get better at maths so I do my homework) or extrinsic.. (i.e. if I do this boring maths, I will reward myself with a chocolate).

For work we don’t enjoy or find difficult, rewarding yourself with something is the most effective method of staying focused. A great reward is being able to do games AFTER you finish your homework. Alternatively, work on your homework with a friend, more people working on the same thing increases motivation. Hope it helps 🙂

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Question: Please define motivation and nature of motivation.please in easy english becuse i do not know about english. ” – by ” Abdulqadir

Answer: Simply said: First action, then motivation. When you are doing stuff, motivation is natural stimulance to keep going. Thinking too much about what you are about to do has a contrary effect as it stops you from doing something. By directly acting and solving problems as you go along, you’ll keep your motivation. To get motivated: just leap. Realise also that the most valuable way to get motivated comes from within. (Other forms of motivation, like money, competition, punishment,… are external and aren’t that strong as an effect) example from wikipedia “Students are likely to be intrinsically motivated if they: -attribute their educational results to factors under their own control, also known as autonomy, -believe they have the skill that will allow them to be effective agents in reaching desired goals (i.e. the results are not determined by luck), -are interested in mastering a topic, rather than just rote-learning to achieve good grades.” If you have the feeling that you are building yourself, or improving yourself, or something outside of you that you enjoy, you will stay motivated to move further. This Book HELPED achieve this goal:

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