Motivation is the characteristic that is required in order to achieve anything in life; without it you will give up at the first sign of adversity. It means to inspire, instigate and encourage a person to do their best. Motivation will compel a person to think “If I can’t, then I must” and will cause them to do whatever it takes to become successful.

If you inspire motivation it can change your life. You will be inspired to get what you want regardless of what people tell you that you can not do. I have personally seen people apply the motivation factors in life to get from poverty to a life filled with abundance.

It is the internal demon that is our worst enemy, and he will try his best to make you not try again giving you all kinds of excuses, and you will give up. Then one day you will read a motivation article like this one and feel extremely motivated for a day or two. You even take a printout of motivational quotes and post them on your cubicle, use as a screensaver, and then you just go on with life. No amount of a motivational quotes or articles will help motivate yourself unless you fight the internal demon and start Making Things Happen.


Does Family Determine Success?

Getting in shape would be more effective and fun if you get your family and friends involved in the process. Aside from burning calories, you can help each other to remain healthy and active. Most of the time, family and friends are some of the best support providers to people who want to maintain their motivation in continuing the exercise program.

In my views the best motivational keynote speaker could be the down to earth and famous humanitarian Muhammad Yunus. Muhammad Yunus is not just a name, he is personality that everyone the world knows and respects. He is a champion of women’s rights who works sincerely for a better economy.

He believes in making every global citizen independent and self sufficient. Actually he is man of many virtues. Having him speaking at your corporate event would make the listeners understand their true potential and what needs to be done to improve it.

What if you invest in your Own Motivation?

Everyone is well aware of the work Yunus had done in Finance; he is the one who had actually given the world micro loans and made so many people self sufficient today. His story is so inspiring that in my views there could be nobody who can’t experience the inherent charm and inspiration he brings.

One truth about trophies is that they are a strong motivational factor. Thus, if you own a business and would like to achieve the best from your employees, the issuing of trophies to the hard working and the most improved employees is a sure way of getting the best from employees.

  • Therefore, instead of spending a lot of money in advertisement, you can achieve success if you offer to spare some money to buy your some of your employees a trophy to take home.
  • The purchase is worth the price and you will realize this once the employees are motivated and do their best to help the company to achieve success.

It happens with almost every company, how big or small it may be that the employees start losing interest in the work they do. You may have hired the best people in the industry but after some time you would experience a negative build up in them. It can happen due to a variety of reasons from experiencing stagnation with same kind of assignments to things regularly to something that affect their personal life.

Whatever the case might be but to retain quality employees in your company such that they could lead your organization the best idea for you is to keep them inspired and motivated. A good idea here could be to organize motivational speech events at your organization from time to time.

These speakers are some of the famous names in the industry who know what keeps people back from showcasing their true potential.

What the disengaged and unmotivated look like I asked this guy in an elevator how his day at work was going. He said in a grumbly and muffled voice, “Well, I’m here aren’t I.” I thought, “What happened to that dude that showed up on the first day of work that was excited to be here?” Answer: His motivation got sucked up by the quota machine.

Imagine that you work for someone and you complete the three tasks on your list. You feel awesome! Most employers will “up the quota”. They will say, “Tomorrow, I will give you four items. The next day I will give you five. And so on.” After a while your motivation to complete your tasks drops. After all, why would you keep succeeding if you are going to get overloaded with tasks. In your mind – success equals punishment.

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