This time of the year everyone tries to make new resolutions instead of reviewing last years’ ones. I find it silly and ridiculous to keep making new resolutions every time we celebrate Christ Xmas and move into the New Year.

What happened to all other unfulfilled old resolutions that were made the previous years? Did they fall short of happening to become “wishes” and “Pipe-dreams”? or maybe you totally abandoned them? if that is the case! You need to take stock of every resolution before making new ones!

Review Old Plans Before Making New Ones

Common sense would tell me to look back at what I planned last year to see if all those goals and dreams and wishes I made have been achieved or discarded. Also check why they were discarded in the first instant. Perhaps, money or poor “Will Power” and lack of persistence were the main reasons.

It is pointless to keep making new resolution every year without reviewing past achievements and engaging in new plans. Somewhere, you have to do a follow up or stop deceiving yourself and pretending you’re doing something worthwhile, when you know the whole year went without you committing to anything positive.

Commitment Is Like Marriage

You don’t wake up the next morning and tell yourself you are getting married. No! neither do you wake up saying you want to become a president of a country. Everything in life is conceived with a well calculated plan. Every plan will cost you something eventually, nothing is free in this world.

Time or money is the price we pay for any valuable commodity we wish to own or possess. The same is true with achieving personal goals, you commit to them like a person who wants to commit to a marriage.

Don’t Put the Cart Before The Horse

A majority of people end up with pipe dreams and fallen hopes of what they failed to plan and accomplish because they don’t follow through the plan and reviewed its state of importance.

There are goals and plans that are achievable and realistic and goals that are far from real. Becoming rich and wealthy is not impossible, but becoming a President of a Country is almost impossible for the average Joe.

Buying a new Mercedes Benz 2015 C-Class can be a medium term resolution that can take you up to  3-5 years.


Start by evaluating what you have done last year, first in small quantities in order to buildup a momentum to acquire great and big goals within the coming years! Celebrate for a reason and not for traditions’ sake.

Maybe, time is not of essence in respect to getting these resolutions in place. But! what is important is the level of commitment in getting their perspective instead of assuming they will re-establish themselves on auto-pilot!

Wrong again! – you have to work your plan and plan your work to make things happen. Instead things don’t just happen, but are caused to happen.

Otherwise you will end up wishing every dream and thought in your mind like Sinbad and the magic lamp without practically allowing yourself to do things in order to make a change manifest results.

To make your new years’ resolution realistic, review last years’ plans before engaging in new plans. Good luck and Merry Xmas to all my readers and Happy 2016

Isaac Khonjlewayo