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Sunrise always gives us hope to our torn souls to look for new opportunities that life is offering on a daily basis. It also gives us a second chance to alter our decisions and to make new positive ones.

Everyday is a day of trails and tribulations for ordinary folks to deal with adversity and to overcome challenges. And this dawn of hope and the rising of the Sun is a fun way to negotiate with life.

Maybe it is a second chance to view life differently using someone else reading glasses and a wish to opt for the best options. What better way to sing and dance this negotiation plan with Rising Sun Dance music track.

A way to celebrate our wishes to come true and for our dreams to be realized. Rising Sun Dance gives me hope and the ability to reconcile my daily accounts with the day.

It provides me with a new understanding to align myself with the rhythm and harmony that will synchronize my heart. It’s pounding combination of the keyboard and the xylophones rhythm talks my language.

As if trying to say to me! “wake up buddy – it’s time to face the music” welcome to the new day. Happy Days Are Here!

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Udimi - Buy Solo Ads