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A Letter of Demand :-

A Legal Warning against Property Repossession.

Do you own a fixed property and are still paying your bond? Have you ever received a letter of demand from the “City Council” about late payments of your “Rate & Taxes Bill?” What have you done to act proactive on this letter of demand? Do you know the consequences of not responding quickly in settling this debt?

Do you value your property as an important “life-time” achievement award with a high “ROI”? If so ignoring a letter of demand to upkeep your “Rates & Taxes Bill” is not a wise thing to do. I consider ignoring this letter a very irresponsible act to do and chances are that if you continue to ignore it; you will lose whatever you have invested in that property and more…

City Of Johannesburg Property REPOS:

The local City Council is very strict and tough on home-owners who ignore letters of demand from properties that are falling behind with payments of their bills. A case in question is that after 3months of warning you to respond and to try and address this matter, the final letter will be from The Sheriff. An order from the Sheriff of The Court to repossess your property is instituted as the last resort for the city council to recoup their money from defaulting home-owners.

If you are one of them my tip to you is to contact me ASAP. I might be able to help you save your property or find an alternative solution before they kick you out of your premises. Trust me I know from experience what I am talking about. I have proof and evidence of people I have helped from losing their houses because they acted quickly and wisely to avoid unexpected consequences.A stitch in time saves nine

Act urgently to pay your debt or loss your investment to an auction:

Often home-owners take this notice for granted thinking it has no repercussions whatsoever. Such home-owners have a tendency to ignore these letters of demand, or try to act in the last minute hoping a miracle will happen to save them from this ordeal. It is crucial that you act fast and find money quickly to pay this debt as fast as possible.

If you don’t act fast and efficiently, chances of you losing your hard-earned property investment is almost 100% guaranteed. The process of trying to fix things the last minute is irreversible and very painful if you have children attending school in that area. Acting with a sense of urgency can make a difference between saving your home and completely losing everything including your I.T.C viability credit record.

To avoid the risk of having judgements against you for any further future Hire-Purchases of goods and services act decisively fast to address the problem to your earliest convenience. The podcasts below can shed light on what to do to avoid this tragedy and misfortune should you find yourself in this predicament. I was able to assist a few relatives and acquaintances save their properties from repossessions.

To find out how to save your home – listen to these podcasts and act accordingly.

Follow them individually and listen to each podcast in their order of importance i.e.

  1. Would you rather lose your property on auction or sell for profit EP01
  2. Would you rather lose your property on auction or sell for profit EP02
  3. Would you rather lose your property on auction or sell for profit EP03

The remaining podcasts are just compliments from my music band and inspirational talks you don’t have to do anything, they might not interest you at all. Thank you for taking the time to reach this far. Find the remaining podcasts EP2, EP3 and EP4 on SoundCloud and please like and follow your support will be highly appreciated.

“A stitch in time save nine”

It is never to late to find an alternative solution. I run several courses on how to assist the public get their own back. There are other resources where you can find help to empower yourself beyond the ordinary survival skills.


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