Life is music you can dance if you want to or you can cry also if you wish to – both are good for the soul and your well-being.
How you feel right now depends on how deep you want the day and events to play out in your life.
Turn the music in your heart on or pretend creation will not revolve without you Alive.
The choice is yours let your heart speak for itself if you can’t.

You can conquer the storm and the deep rivers of adversity or you can swim with confidence into the beauty of life’s divine trials and tribulations!
Your chosen path can open your eyes for light to shine through with profound understanding, when hope becomes your last resort.
Love and life are betwixt and cannot be separated.
Duality of existence is what makes you think they are different.
You can love life or hate it – it doesn’t change the clock of time from ticking

So! Why Separate The Two And Give Each One Authority Over The other? What Is The Fuss?

  • Life is a canvas where individuals can paint the landscape of their dreams and visions to a beautiful kaleidoscope of their own grand designs.
  • You have to “BE” alive to remain in control of your destiny.
  • Rain or Shine! This is the order of creation and how it was meant to operate.
  • Love it and you can dance with the wolves to prove you’re human – then you become adventurous to explore life’s limitless possibilities.
  • Hate it and you will die and dissolve slowly like ice melting from the heat of the Sun, to stifle and destroy your potential from going beyond your true capabilities.
  • Live your life around the laws of Nature or oppose it and you deny yourself simple blessings to see dilemma as an opportunity.

You are the captain who has the power to steer your ship in the direction you choose to go. You can bring love and life “together” into one fold if you so wish or you can climb a mountain and dance your way to happiness to conquer your fears.

Whichever, Way You Look At Your Daily Challenges And Situations In Life.

There Is Always A Solution.

Think of your life as, a blank encyclopedia where you can write your biography.
Every day when you wake up you should decide on the outcome of events and how you want the end of the day to finish.
A happy ending of your day can sometime be a misleading comedy of errors! Something you can laugh about when you reflect on the day’s events.
A bad day however; does not necessarily imply bad decisions on your part; even if it wasn’t that great a Super Day.
It simply means your choice of events was poorly managed and controlled by someone else other than you.

What If You Looked Beyond Your Limitations

Good or Bad choices have impeccable significance to the “overall” You.
Every person reacts differently to hardship from another individual’s circumstance.
Begin to write every episode and pages of your life -like an artist who draws inspiration from scenarios and events around his surroundings.
Do not fear to venture into the unknown, because the unknown is an empty space without you living inside it.

You can view life as a roller coaster entertainment “Joyride”, with you in Charge. Or you can view it as a Disaster waiting to happen when you pass over your responsibility to others.
Be in control and take charge of things – Do not wait for things to happen!
Make things happen, the world needs pioneers like you, who can walk the path of dark alleys without a radar to let light find them when the morning breaks.

Fear is a term commonly misunderstood:
It stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real“.

Each time fear engulfs you.
You become frozen because your short-comings are measured by other people’s standards and yard-stick instead of your own. –
Your confidence is consumed by your poor belief system and self-image, because your life is held ransom by unfaithful friends, relatives and superstitions.

The pages you write about your life each and every day attract forces of nature that will determine how your “Chapters” and “Book-of-Life” is going to end.

Your obituary might have poor evidence of people’s reflection of you with their diluted views or biased opinions of you and not the True representation of YOU.
Write what is truthful about you right now while you’re still alive.
Leave no blank pages for anyone to distort the truth about you.
Since we all live on borrowed time!
You can conquer the storm and the Deep Rivers of adversity or complain about how bad your situation is.

An alternative for you will be to take a personal stock of yourself before you’re left on the cross-road of Gods at War with the world.
Never cross that line until you can conquer your fears to show your readiness to lead by example!

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