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Australia’s State Library Victoria Artists Program

It is now possible for artist all over the world to take part in the Australia’s State Art Library Victoria to make history by recreating works inspired by the Australian Art gallery. This collaboration is promoted by Australia’s State Library Victoria, together with one of the most spectacular art platform that inspires fashion and art to be integrated as another form of self expression RedBubble.

I was invited to take part in this unique creative engagement which closes on 30th October 2017 at 09:59am AEDT. Above all this excitement and participation in helping artists be discovered on the internet Internationally, there are prize awards for this purpose.

Prizes include:

Cash (1st – $2,500 AUD : 2nd – $1,000 AUD : 3rd -$500 AUD)

If you participate in this program you can also have your art designs displayed at Australia’s State Library Victoria, . Your art designs will be permanently added to the Library’s collection. This is one of the greatest opportunities for local South African artists to break-through and showcase their art works to the international audiences.

Selling art to the World

The only way we can promote our local artists and art is by engaging them into international art competitions and promotion to give exposure to local talent and access to international markets. Opportunities like “History with State Library Victoria” in Australia are another way of creating wealth and job opportunities for talented individuals.

Learn to effect change by telling and documenting our stories. By writing down your experiences in the form of books, present them for TV shows. Organize and host local community positive radio talk shows. Write movie scripts that reflect the reality of our country and short stories to teach our young new lessons in life. Click Here

Inspiring the nation to dream again

Let us instill a new sense of purpose by sharing good positive information that transform and change lives and families. Learn to stand tall and proud and do things right instead of fight each other to do the right things.

We must bury complacency and laziness amongst our people and teach each other how to read and write and interpret information so that we can grow as a nation. Give and encourage communities to support those who give care to others. Be compassionate to those who are less fortunate than you and living below poverty lines.

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Exercise independence and eat healthy to enjoy life to the fullest and to sustain ourselves beyond government reproach and dependency syndrome of the “S.A. African mindset. Learn to express your thoughts one way or the other and exercise your freedom of speech in a way that can communicate change to empower others.

Don’t take things for granted speak your mind and question authority if needs be, you are one of a kind and have every right to fight injustice. Organize yourselves into like-minds and create your own job opportunities, collaborate with people of all race to build local products that will be exported overseas as local S.A. brands.

Learning to master a new skill

Write books and journals and begin to teach each other new values systems, create international market opportunities for our merchandise; services and goods overseas. Echo your dreams and aspirations by being active in your life, communities and start a revolution of supporting your own businesses and networks.

Learn to trade amongst yourselves and each other not drugs or substance abuse and criminal activities. Acquire new knowledge and skills in farming, construction and information communication technology. Build legacies of enterprises that are born from honest profitable genuine ideas to impress our customers. Let’s teach SMME’S business skills that will make them improve customer service.

Invest in yourselves produce digital content and print publications to empower your selves financially and otherwise. In future we should elect a government that will create an “enabling environment – to allow for all South African citizens” to trade freely and start their own enterprises and to compete equally with the best, within the same industries.

Sketch 101 is a South African Youth Designer from Soweto – Orlando East

Local Talent Reach International Audiences

Art For Life Academy

Participate in practical artisan hand-skills courses and open manufacturing and wholesaling to release your God given entrepreneurial potential. Instead of indulge in consuming other native Chinese dumps.

Produce more of your own products & Consume less of what you don’t control and own, that’s how wealth is created by wealthy people and entrepreneurs. Visit the State Library Victoria & RedBubble blog here:

Source: #CreateArtHistory with State Library Victoria and Redbubble


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