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Baragwanath Hospital Soweto – Does Leadership Exists After 1994?

The largest Hospital in Africa Soweto is made up of several differently named townships like Orland East, Deipkloof, Zola, Naledi, Moletsane Phiri Central Western Jabavu Kwezi Tladi, Dobsonville, Meadowlands, Pimville, Rockville, Chiawelo, Zondi, Orlando West, Dube, Mofolo, Dube Hostel, Mzimhlophe, Mzimhlophe Hostel, West Cliff, Mapetla,…

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Excerpts From Soweto-In-A-Nuthell

“Yet, all of us (citizens of the Southern African Region) are victims of material obsessions, accumulation and aggrandisement of power to conquer little urges of our deep seated subconscious human lust, anger, greed, ego and attachments of all sorts to overshadow the tears and the…

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Blue Bulls v.s The Stormers Orlando Stadium – Soweto

The Ultimate Battle of Two Giants – Blue Bulls and Stormers Soweto Is Where The Event Took place, Blue Bulls Took The Stormers for a rough sweaty Tackle in the battle that became a historical event and White People invaded the Township at first-hand to…

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