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Publication Date: February 20, 2012
The book is packed with basic easy step by step processes of how to manage your finances in 7 steps. This guide is fun and written in plain simple English for any one to understand. The reader will learn powerful concepts of taking control of their finances. The book has practical tools and tables that are very simple to use – and sets the tone for you to establish principles of total control.
The budgeting strategies applied here bring to light what most people take for granted when dealing with issues of money. The objective is, that you are able to apply the skills and knowledge immediately. Find unknown and powerful business opportunities that will help you double your income as you see your money grows.

Termination and Publication of These Book Is Coming Down SOON!

About Books!

Is a synopsis of the books I have published with Amazon.com that provide a short summary of what the book is about. It is a windows around chapters and paragraphs that will wet your appetite to get more information. You have to buy the book to know more about the content and subject matter.

Every book that I have published has reached its life cycle, and should at some stage or other come down the shelves. I plan to discontinue publishing, so get your copy before it is too late.

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