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My love for an Eagle goes back when I was a young boy learning how to hunt with my brother-in-law. This was the true rural area of “North West Region” in Zeerust South Africa. He was like a brother I never had and took care to raise me as if I was his own son. However, the most impressionable moment I spent with him was hunting to survive in the jungle as we were looking after his family cattle.

He said to me if you’re hungry and starving for food; kill any wild animal in the forest, cave or jungle, but never hunt or kill an Eagle. “It will help you find your co-ordinates when you’re lost” that’s all he said. Did I understand what he meant? No I did not but I liked what he said. Yet this message made me fall in love with the bird just because he said so – The Eagle became my symbol of lost hope, if I failed to find food to survive. If chaff came to push I could rather go hungry grazing the cattle than lose my direction going back home. This became my philosophy for living life to my fullest.

The Eagle Is My True Hero from Zero

His message was deep and subtle perhaps even “spiritual” to a point it only makes sense now after he has passed on, that the picture of the jig-saw puzzle is beginning to form in my mind as life unfolds slowly in my awakening consciousness. I loved my brother-in-law for what he was and how he took care of business. The part he played to raise me like a son he never had. His was an unconditional love that made me think deep about my relationship with people, nature and the world around me. To be considerate and sensitive to creation and it’s inhabitants.

That’s why I love birds, especially the Eagle – somehow I relate very well and I am comfortable with the Eagle as a bird and what it represents to me as I grow older and wiser. This symbol of the Eagle is what I aspired to become. It made me realize that every person on the planet has the potential to be like an eagle if they seek to fly high and to find their truths or purpose in life. But, for me this realization was more than just being sensitive to every creature on Earth, rather what I was born to do and leave behind when my time is up, has become my main bone of contention and mission to conquer my fears and demons in this instance.

Until I can find what I am looking for I will not rest, the eagle gives me that inspiration to continue looking and searching for that purpose in the “USA” they call it an American Dream. Every year I look back to evaluate if the purpose for which I’m seeking was ever realized. And most of the time; unfortunately the goal posts seems to move further away miles-apart as soon as I try to grab and reach for the promise land so to speak.

Therefore, my “New Years’ Resolution” and the end of every year celebrations has becomes a huge obstacle for me, to comprehend why everyone is making a fuss about the Festive Seasons. Besides seeking wealth and happiness which is what everybody is chasing, I still have that emptiness with me that needs to be replenished and fulfilled before I can a standup and celebrate like intoxicated patients in a mad hospital to justify my engagement towards this phenomena. This will not happened since I became conscious of my short-coming as a mortal with a limited life-span to entertain this human drama and silly parody.

Fighting For My Own Sanity in 2016 Was an Epic Episode

My self-realization has constantly become my guardian of self preservation to sustain and prolong this illusion of grandeur as a flabbergasted blessed fool. It seemed like yesterday when 2015/12/09 ended and we began to engage and cherish the new year of 2016. For me this did not make sense, it’s a crazy vicious circle that keeps us bound rounding and rounding up and about confused and deprived of utilizing our faculty and common sense to react otherwise.

However, for you it might be a little different it’s about a glorious short-lived moment, perhaps  it’s a jolly good ride for everyone to be happy and excited to spend their time, bonuses and hard earned cash with loved ones and celebrate the festive season with style and opulence. Drink! get drunk and drive everyone crazy to doomsday i.e. until a 911 call is logged-on to try save someone injured in a car crash of a drunk driver in a road accident. Is this your definition of a happy festive season celebration or a glorified way to massacre our misplaced innocence for what life should be all about?

To you this might be cool and reasonable, but is this the whole purpose of life to chase our own tails and run in circles to try catch a mirage that never manifest our truths? I’ve always felt guilty when it comes to the end of the year celebrations of the festive season and partying, simply because the entire saga of events dictates for everyone to pretend and feel good or bubbly at the expense of our ignorance and shame,  am I compelled to feel the same and be glad it came to pass? No I don’t think so.

Why am I not excited about this whole furor of events, its because my year was full of twisted altered states of fate and was a bit challenging to adjust to. Maybe I should put it like this, 2016 was a more demanding soul searching period were I had to face my demons and to negotiate a karmic reconciliation. So! happiness is my new definition of facing terror to dance with the devil in order to buy time to get my next bag of “fresh-air” and a new lease on life, to choose a path that will extend my batteries and keep lights from being turned-off.

Celebration of the festive season is insane and completely out of my vibration and emotional parameters to share similar sentiments with anyone, purely because I am not physically hungry  when grazing the cattle- I still have not found my direction if I were to be summoned to come back home. So! what’s the point of any celebration when time is already ticking? By the way I am not sick or lying in hospital, I’m fine and cracking jokes with my neighbour who’s in a wheel chair and always drunk and smells of alcohol. It might be ticking for you too – Who knows what tomorrow holds for anyone happy or sad!

St. Peter Questions Life’s Swimming Pool Syndrome

Claim Your Prize of Immortality By Seeking The Pearl
My impressions about our existence was that when everyone is summoned upon to get out of the pool-:  St. Peter would ask if anyone had found the pearl they (dived) into the water to seek at birth when they are born on earth as mortals. My answer would be No! I did not find the pearl! St. Peter would further go on to say, what was the point of jumping into the pool in the first place when your purpose at birth was to seek and find the mystery of your immortality, shouldn’t you be out of the pool?

The point is, why celebrate, swim and party around the pool and Jacuzzi’s of life- when you should be diving in deep and get to the bottom of the water to find the pearl, thus claim your prize and return back home to become immortal?  Whence my question to you is; how will the year 2017 be different from all these years you have so much wasted celebrating to keep thinking things will be different or get any better in these waters!

I am sometimes muffled by the conundrum of these delusional events of our trying states of mind, neither do I comprehend the logic why we allow ourselves to be programmed to repeatedly continue doing it.

With a little luck and a twist of fate on my side by digging deep my experience with 2016, made me realize how fragile and stupid I am to think I own tomorrow when tomorrow seems like a figment of my concocted imagination. 2016 made it easy for me to see things a little different and clearly read into the future and try to define a new role I would like to play in the society to make a positive impact. It was not so much about cash-flow and food or friends, rather about were to invest my spiritual labour so that it yields good returns in the hereafter. The question I ask myself often are, Is it a good or bad investment portfolio to find yourself before you can lose yourself?

Change Your Thinking To Resuscitate Your Purpose

Now! I am faced with a dilemma to determine if these decisions I made in 2016 will be fairly adjudicated by the “God of Life & Death” into my future when my spiritual balance sheet or profit and lose account is reviewed. The promise was to bring back the pearl and stop finding a Bible of excuses why I was unable to persist and find the truth? My motto still stands become your own judge if you can’t find a life coach! Who you mix with will determine the direction of your path to seal the fate of your hereafter.

Like an eagle I saw the horizon of life full of mysteries in what we do and how we do it, and who we do it with. Do what is right and be glad your spirit will soar like an eagle to resuscitate your purpose. Be prepared to dance with the second creation as you kiss the misery of this life a permanent goodbye and look forward to your very last breath each morning when you wake up. Know death is steering you right in the eye 24/7 to hug you first-hand when yours is up! Only time will tell.

Let Peace be upon you always as you dwell into the infinite.

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