Getting high has never been so easy. Anyone can tap into this musical intoxication of The Crusaders to get a natural high. You really need to be sitting home to turn this musical germ into a journey of a private flight to the world of your fancy. Perhaps, like a goose seeking freedom and solace from the turmoil and hardships of daily living.

Chill out and take it easy let the music take you where you’ve never been before, to a place that has long be been lost, forgotten and hidden from creation.

The best kept secret is the music that talks to your heart. It lets you travel with the sweetness of time to nowhere but longs to know it belongs with your soul.

So far away……. far far….. away……..

The Crew

Be the traveler of time and cross boundaries of your limitation, let The Crusaders take you there. No need to buy a travel ticket or worry about your luggage or your daunting baggage.

Sit back and relax and let your ears do the talking. Enjoy the journey because when you return; only  your smile will tell those who share your heart’s understanding where you’ve been hiding  all along.

So Far So Good!

Thumbs up to this unique line up: Joe Sample (piano), Stix Hooper (drums), Wilton Felder (saxophone), and Wayne Henderson (trombone).

Listen & Enjoy

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