Where from here if the road ends now

One of the most difficult challenges I have found wanting in my endeavor to sustain my inspiration and to keep going over life’s trials and tribulations – even in the most trying and impossible circumstance has been attempting to identify a tireless genuine inspiring honest role model – if there is such a person. Walking a path behind the footsteps of an authentic entrepreneur and a living legend a “role model” who can sustain my battling spirit of adoration in their personal achievements to change the world and make me want to do the same, seems like a daunting hobby to undertake. It is like trying to find water in the desert or “seeking a rare precious pearl in a kraal full of dirty pigs” figuratively speaking.

I truly believe every person alive on this planet has a unique purpose and a mission to make a difference in our lives, in one form or the other. Just as the saying goes- “No man is an island” implies there is a divine connection between us human beings. My topic is in reference to the “Big-Picture” i.e. our involvement in the lives of humanity if we are to account for our deeds and actions in the hereafter. Common sense would not allow me to leave anything to chance if the answer in my search was not forth-coming or realized to my earliest convenience, why would I want to justify my existence if this was not the case?

Humanity is the ultimate trophy to be served

The big picture is actually how our interaction and inter-relations with people and the world on a daily basis is impacting on their well-being and livelihood; if we dare to care and to leave indelible marks in their lives – to appreciate our own humanity and sense of purpose as if  “to leave this world a better place than we found it?”

The irony of this saga is that personal achievement and success to a degree affects our egos and a sense of personal justice and discrimination any which way we are, in our interaction with people. I do not refer to personal egotistical achievements attributed to false pretense and representation of undesirable wealth accumulated via unscrupulous means and ways, by those we view in our society as successful and rich by other means unjustified.

The paradox of my dilemma is attempting to differentiate those individuals who acquired their wealth the rightful ways to build a legacy and those individuals who, gathered theirs the wrongful ways – as equally competent entrepreneurs in the same class or category of prominence, to infer as genuine role models. You can’t compare apples with oranges. There is no middle of the road here, you’re either on the left side of life or the right side of it. Life does not occupy two dimensions of spaces at the same time, so is “Day and Night”. Their domain of operations do not mix neither will any one particular person have it either ways simultaneously. We only have two opposites called “Ying and Yeng” known by mystics as duality of life.

I wish to separate these two groups of people or individuals purely because in the scheme of Life – traditionally entrepreneurs gain respect for their personal achievements because, of their talents, gifts or creativity that placed them to win against any odds to get to where they are. A majority have supporting evidence of their credible history by walking that path – to accumulate their wealth to be where they are in life and declared successful.

It is uncommon for a politicians or a thriving criminal to share similar sentiments or be given a benefit of doubt if their background is not credibly supported by some form of historical record of attempting to be a successful entrepreneur in his behaviour to justify their accumulation of wealth. Aggrandizement of riches in both business and politics in the same sense and sentence is ambiguous -: The two ideals are opposites and paradoxical almost questionable by virtue of being a conundrum and unworthy of our respect and attention to even conceive. It’s like being a judge, jury and executioner in your own court case. Is this what South African “successful-entrepreneur” politicians represent – where tenders and BEE free for all battle of nepotism and bribery lines are drawn?

Credibility without honor is like a ghost without bones

When do you become a credible “wealth” ambassador and a role model; if your feet never touched the ground to wash your own dirty laundry? How can you tell a story of pain and misery if you’ve never lived to drink your own  sweat and bit your own nails to survive?  Why are you unable to lift your head up and sing praise to God Almighty for shedding light on you when your days were dark? What legacy will you engrave in our hearts to remember you by; as a hero who saved us from drowning when jobs were lost and the economy collapsed? We need miracle men and women who can save the day like super-man, give hope to those who are suffering and direction to those who are lost and ideas to him who can think and be self reliant.

We need to show compassion and love instead of grin like a wolf to hide our deepest evils and shame. To shine and create solutions in business in order to alleviate poverty against those who still struggling to make ends meet.  What’s the point of being black and proud with egocentricity if tomorrow will not guarantee your self-preservation? To give instead of receive all the time;  to be grateful instead of regretful that our bellies are full but we’re still hungry. How far can we go to prove we are humans and not animals? How far can each one sacrifice their ego to start a new revolution in promoting  the survival of others. To break boundaries of conformity and negative indoctrination placed on us by those who lost their vision to know a better tomorrow is possible even if you don’t believe it exists?

Role Models are not born – They are made from above

Everyone is thirsty and hungry for a good life, people want to be happy and wealthy like those who have acquired riches and amassed themselves into luxury and beautiful things . Yet only a few are willing and ready to work and earn it. We do have such authentic and down-to-earth personalities in South Africa’s rich and famous circles of successful “big-name-brand” celebrities and owners of successful companies.

Who do we consider as our role models to be classified as genuine brand builders and stood the test of time? I know two such great leaders in our society. But I have yet to read a book or biography written by any of our local celebrities and business moguls to reveal to me how they did it to become so rich and filthy in an honest way. Most overseas honest successful celebrated moguls are very open about it, but few local South African brothers and sisters are willing and ready to inspire confidence and transfer knowledge and skills to the new generation of our youth to entrust their legacy to a new breed of entrepreneurs in order to serve mankind better.

Your personal struggles is Gods' way of preparing you for a higher calling
I am a product raised by a single parent – finding direction and motivation to fight life’s unending battles was more than a war for me to bear. Every learning curve required of me to go an extra mile and to beat these odds boldly without self pity or feeling of remorse.

Figuring things out like my “sanity and directional career” co-ordinates of where and what to do next in the game of life, was never encouraged or supported by any teacher, neighbour or friend. I was left on my own wits to grow and weather the storms or to get by. I was virtually in Gods’ remote private classroom where He gave me unconventional life’s lessons without explaining the moral behind each.

It’s like attempting to drive a car when you’re blind – or trying to swim and cross the Atlantic Ocean without both your hands or feet. Do I have a say in this matter or choice of what I want to learn? I don’t think so, I am just a student waiting for the next crucible assignment.

Everything was beyond my reach, but within my convoluted comprehension and virtually impossible to attain, yet practical to reach and accomplish single handed, if I bother to do so. Whence! how can I begin to give up or moan when I don’t even understand defeat of knowing when to quit. It is as if I don’t possess free will yet my frustrations bear testimony to every failure I have experienced and tasted in most of my ventures. I have the right to quit if the battle does not have a lunch break. I keep on being a casualty when bombs are thrown at me, and still manage to come out cool and calm without bruises. But, somehow I don’t want to quit on life. Everything is precious, the experience of being in the ditch of the war zone is deep to ignore and dismiss as superficial and taunting. I am always inspired  and resuscitated by biographies and tenacity in the resilience of other admirable people I will quote below. I call them legends of our times -great achievers of the American Dream.

Their prominence and spectacle is due to the spirit they represent in honor of serving mankind. How they spearhead and carved their path to make the world a better place for all.  Their desire to change and impact on our society across all races and people of various cultural backgrounds throughout the entire planet is truly an amazing physical manifestation of commitment to fathom.

To me they are role models because, they epitomize free will that was inspired from above.  – They “have changed the way the world thinks, works and operate“. Our livelihood seems to evolve and revolve around their influences because we have seen ourselves stand in their mirror to co-exist with them. Their contribution to mankind and their overwhelming kindness of giving has left an indelible mark that will forever changed the way I do and view life. If I could find a way to do the same – maybe my destiny is worth the battles I keep facing on a daily basis. If those who read my articles find the reason to extend the compliment. I will be grateful to know how my next breath will better serve humanity for the sake of learning in order to keep my stipend of existence worthy of Gods’ favour to make a difference in someone else’ life.

Bill Gates.

“Be a bad influence”
If the norm is to fall in line and work the normal 9 to 5 everyday, be the bad influence, strike out on your own. The is no reason that you can’t start your own business and make it work – Bill Gates. My take on this is that: (Windows 10 and other Office Applications – Our knowledge of computers and software communication skills would still be frozen in the capsule of time were we used “Typewriters” like IBM golf ball or Olivetti and Brother) Bill Gates changed all that.

Richard Branson.

“Do good things”
You should strive to make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis. If your business isn’t doing good, something is wrong. Business owes their existence to their customers. When they do good for their customers, their customers will do good in return – Richard Branson. My take on this is that: (Virgin Active made it possible for people to be health conscious and worthy of keeping fit) Richard Branson inspired the fitness and healthy lifestyle habits to improve our being and self-esteem.

Steve Jobs

“Design counts”
“In this world where everybody cares about price, design really count. There are people who truly care about design. You should care about the design of your product. Don’t put out crap. You can enchant people with great design. Design can be the entire product”. “Steve Jobs has proven this more than five times”- Guy Kawasaki.  My take on this is that: (iPhone and the iPad Touch Screens in cell phones, & PC’s would be impossible to embrace if our livelihood depended on a Telkom  landline – social media would not be such a pleasurable human event)

Oprah Winfrey

“Don’t focus on money”
There is more to being successful than earning a lot of money. You should be in business because you believe in what you are doing, because you love it. If your sole reason for going into business was money you are doing it wrong. “You know that you are on the road to success if you are able to do your job, without being paid for it” – Oprah Winfrey. My take on this is that: (An Oprah’s Angel network would not bring hope to humanity in us to appreciate helping those who suffer and are experiencing a bad ordeal). She pays it forward it will be returned a 100 times back to her with a hefty healthy compound interest.

Bill Gates

                     “Create the future”

If you have ideas for product or services for the future, you should take the risk to see those ideas through to fruition. Every product started as an idea, why not yours? – Bill Gates.  My take on this is that: (Learning to cope with change is what the future is all about. Therefore,  our creativity and talents lies in making products to serve mankind better. To know that  tomorrow

is just a breath away, and it’s imperative we constantly upgrade our attitude in order to understand ourselves and others better).


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