Turn adversity into a tourism solution

Our country is plagued by economic and political controversies that make it a little challenging to create and find job opportunities for our youth to thrive and be successful. Finding a job today is becoming more and more difficult, yet this does not spell the end of the world.

I would like to believe it is the beginning of great opportunities for people and individuals who think positive and act with conviction. I was researching business opportunities on the internet when I came across The South African Tourism website. I was blown away by the information and self-employment opportunities that were presented to all citizens who have the 6th sense.

Recently I was engaged in trying to encourage our youth prepare and be trained on how to apply and plan for a job interview. The project is still work-in-progress and will be finalized at a later stage.

Be enlightened by exploring other possibilities!

Somehow my mind was illuminated after reading about the South African Tourism FREE courses for those who want to participate and profit from starting their own tourism consulting businesses. I ended up creating these motivational podcast to try and encourage as well reach out to my readers.

These Podcast Cover And Include Among Others – A Series Of Topics To Help Us Get Involved In Solving Our Unemployment Crisis Situation.

“If it is to be – It is up to you”


How to start your own tourism specialist business this information is available to anyone who wants to start such a business in South Africa.

One of the objectives of this demonstration podcast is to invite South African individuals who want to explore possibilities of working in the tourism industry as consultant Specialists Accredited by The South African Tourism. This course by the way is completely free to all South Africans.

Follow my podcasts be informed and not deformed

These podcasts attempt to expand possible avenues where you can conduct a research to establish a business niche where opportunities can be made available to start a lucrative tourism business.

Part2 of this podcast looks at various ways in which a person wanting to establish a business as a consultant can capitalize on becoming a go to person to master their chosen field of operations.

It explores means and ways on how to go about finding and linking your talent and passion to become a profitable and successful tourist “go-to-guy” in this industry.

Beginners guide to starting a tourism business which covers part 4 has more detailed information that delves into job creation opportunities for our South African unemployed youth. This podcast will expand the idea of not ignoring the tourism industry as an option to carve your own niche or job opportunities.

Part 4 goes much deeper into issues where individuals can tap into unknown and uncharted territories which can be turned into successful enterprises. Local residence can begin to mobilize and find unique ways to survive by taking simple initiatives that will not require a huge capital to start their venture.

We Should Not Limit Ourselves By Concentrating In Gauteng Area Only, But Explore All Other 9 Provinces.


In 5 Easy ways of promoting your tourism business online part 5 I take you through a journey of business opportunities were you can begin to thrive as an entrepreneur and become successful making money in the township where you reside.

Seldom individuals overlook their own areas of starting their business because it is not often advertised as a lucrative place for school leavers to begin their search. In my research it appears as if we have not even tapped into the growing township market to understand how big this industry is.

Please send me your comments and views to evaluate if this information was relevant to you as a reader. It is the only way I can keep us all informed and inspired to pursue our dreams of living life to the fullest.

Peace be with you

Leave the world a better place than you found it!

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