Having wealth is a great thing in some ways. But if it is used in an improper way, wealth can lead someone to commit violence or other kinds of crime. We hear so many stories of famous celebrities here in America and South Africa that has lots of wealth, large homes and a great movie career, yet they are miserable.

Do not let society’s definition of success ruin your self-esteem. Success should mean only what you want it to mean. This is your life to live and no one else can live your life.

If you are still alive, breathing and in good health, you are a success. If you got a high school certificate, you are a success. If you got one or more university degrees, you are a success. If you were able to hold a job successfully and perform all your duties then you are a success. If you’re an informal trader selling thing on the street – you are a success.

Define Your Own Success Rules
Do you see how this concept works? Success should mean something different to everyone. Every person is different and they should be given the chance to view success how they want to view it. If you are able to support yourself financially on R20 per hour, then should you not be considered a success? Of course you should be considered a success even if you earn a lower salary than your friends do.

Take Charge of Your Own Success

If you earn a lower salary and you are happier than someone who earns millions of dollars or rands or pounds but they are unhappy, guess which person would be happier? You would be happier than the other person because you are living a life of better quality than the rich person that is unhappy.

Or society will judge someone to be a success when they get married, start a family of their own, live in a nice home in a nice or affluent neighborhood or if they secure a high paying job position at a company. Society views success through achieving material things, things that do not last.

The success that a person achieves when getting that nice home could be wiped away if a tornado or other natural disaster strikes. The high paying position that a person attains at a company could be gone if the company goes bankrupt and the person would lose their job.

The point is that these kinds of things don’t last. The success that you achieve through things such as this is temporary and it won’t necessarily fulfill all of your desires and make you happy in the long term. Money, a nice house and a high paying job are all nice things to have to a certain point. But after that, they lose their value because they are material things.

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