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Believer Chat Room Episode.1

A certain village received a visit from a holy man and there as great excitement when he announce that he would take all those who came to him to heaven.

The assembly was packed as the villagers flocked to him. All except a young man who was well known for his devotion to God. When this was brought to the attention of the holy man, he sent for the youngster and after greeting him kindly,
Asked him: “Only you have stayed away.

Why is that?” The young man humbly replied:

The young man replied:
“Well, I have a guru but I don’t know where he dwells. If you take me to heaven and he is not there, that will be hell for me. Please leave me here because even hell will be heaven if he remains”.

This video is very compelling and as you will see David shares his deepest gratitude and profound appreciation for having found the treasure we are all looking for. A relationship with the divine, you can call it that. Or a relationship with the Higher Power –

Whatever, name you assign to this entity does not matter. What is important is that at least your existence is beginning to realize its own demise and has to find a meaning to life. Watch this and please send me your comments at the bottom this article.

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Is it  too late to find answers!

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