When Fate Ties You In a Knot!

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when fate ties you in a kno

The book ,“When Fate Ties Your Nuts into A Knot-What do you Do?” is my second attempt to share with the reader unlimited possibilities anyone can utilize to realize their goals. This book is a collection of motivational antidotes and pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that complete ones‟ search for simple solutions to solving complex personal daily challenges.

The message inspires you to see life from a different perspective. The book has powerful basic tools that will help a reader understand and implement personal strategies to think outside the box. The table of content guides you through specific topics relevant to a particular topic of interest; it is a worthwhile read if you just want to indulge in “Quotes” to revive your motivation.

Personal limitations and self imposed negative thought is what distinguishes winning attitudes from losing streaks. Individuals who have mastered the basic art of thinking and have sacrificed something to reach a personal goal; know what it takes to overcome adversity and stay ahead of the game. This book shows you a unified approach to utilize your thinking cap and always forge ahead to reach new heights.

The Oscars and Grammy Awards represents American dream heritage and transcends boundaries of self limitations a people or individuals can place upon themselves. It has become an ideal by which people are rewarded for their achievements and unlimited potential and power of possibilities.

It is therefore in this context and all other spheres of life that this book was written, to inspire and remind you to revert to the basics when the going gets tough. To acknowledge and recognize your God given talents and abilities to dream once more and become the champion you have always wanted to be.

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This book will be taken off the shelf in the next 3 months. Publishing will be terminated without further notice.

Enjoy it if you have a copy!

Termination and Publication of These Book Is Coming Down SOON!

About Books!

Is a synopsis of the books I have published with Amazon.com that provide a short summary of what the book is about. It is a windows around chapters and paragraphs that will wet your appetite to get more information. You have to buy the book to know more about the content and subject matter.

Every book that I have published has reached its life cycle, and should at some stage or other come down the shelves. I plan to discontinue publishing, so get your copy before it is too late.

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