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South African black folks have a dilemma and a challenge to deal with reality in the Millennium and the after effects of a honeymoon and the intoxication of a long overdue delusional democracy. It is time for ALL South Africans to wake up and smell the coffee!

Since the inception of S.A’s democracy it has become a habit for government and our people to find excuses for poor performance, poor time keeping and a lack of discipline in all sectors of their workplace, as a way to determine standards and measure outputs.

As if complacency is part of their job descriptions and their 30% Government Output Expectations, is The National KPI’s standards setup by Government to measure the countries IQ’s to CONTROL and limit potential. How on earth can this country compete internationally, with such low expectations and output drive and determination?

How else can you create jobs and improve the economy when your government policies are in two opposing and conflicting ends of philosophies of socialism and capitalism.

It’s like spiting sweet venom to wealth creators where unions and public servants demand high wages and perpetuate labour unrest with sustained plans to deliver poor outputs and completely ignore and defy principles of free enterprise systems’ potential benefits in a free market economy?

There is an alarming and growing need to improve poor dress code in the government sector employment agencies. Including accountability to customer services, providing excellence to people’s needs and not the arrogance we see in these offices.

Otherwise it is left to individuals to find alternatives to create their our own Opportunities And Jobs to eliminate poverty and improve the economy if government intervention programmes continue to fail us ALL.

The most common and worry-some excuse is to blame Apartheid for our short-comings, poor skills, complacency in the collapse of services and the infrastructure to the extend of exploiting our past history as the cause. Which is not always the case, is it? Before we point fingers shouldn’t we be looking at the CURRENT LEADERS and those standing on the podium of continued lies who promote lips service, as causes of social injustices?

This video attempts to look at the perceptions and reality of our self-denial defined by limitation, laziness and a lack of commitment to do things right for the first-time and bring the best of our God given talent and responsibilities, without relying on “Powers-That-Be” to control our fate!

Otherwise, Pakistanians, Nigerians, Zimbabwens and Somalians wouldn’t invade and take-over the SPAZA-SHOPS industry, private sector jobs and or dominate the retails streets of Johannesburg’s pavements if you followed your dreams, passion and listened to your gut feel, in the process of creating your own FUTURE. Would they?

If Your Believe System Dominates Your Thoughts - It Therefore Controls Your Decisions and Ultimate Behaviour. Period!
Your government and the ANC is responsible for setting up High Dependency Syndrome Mentality amongst Blacks by allowing S.A. Citizens to rely on it “ANC” for everything in order to secure and control voters. Where is Democracy if You can’t exercise Your Freedom of Choice?
  • Why would they give pregnant girls Free-Money to be pregnant?
  • Why would they Allow FREE entry into our borders to every Dick-Tom-And-Harry to qualify for citizenship without being a political asylums?
  • Why do they dispense free medicine and health care to everyone including Self Employed Illegal Aliens who do not pay tax to benefit from this dwindling resource?
  • Is this the true value of socialism or just another ploy to confuse ignorant masses in order to gain support from their unconditional votes?
  • Why is this government unable to fight youth unemployment in South Africa and build sustainable job opportunities?
  • Why is small business struggling to grow out of the kitchen table to emulate corporations like MTN and Joshua Doore or McDonald and KFC? Why! Tell me Why?
  • Government does know how to create jobs – Their core function is to “TAKE” every employer and employee’s Taxes from those with expertise to create wealth and opportunities? Their political position is to pretend they are doing something for you, about you with you- is it not so?

Maybe this is another way to cloud your judgment so that they can TAKE away your power of choice and replace it with their party-political brain-hog-washing to control and own YOU!

Are you so blind and stupid that you can’t read between the lines?

Are you so delirious and drunk with stupor that you can’t see right from wrong?

Are you not failing your faculty of reason to judge and analyze potential disaster objectively?

Are your beliefs so entrenched into your political affiliation that you can’t see the trees from the forest?

You can pretend this is not happening and does not affect you directly right now since you’ve become a victim of a Big Political Scam of the CODESA political negotiations which was flowed and favoured terms and references of the Ruling Party “ANC”.

The ruling party did not fight the struggle on their own. There were Internal and External forces contributors like ME who also funded the struggle, but did not benefit from any tender or BEE recognition to participate in the mainstream of our economy. Yes! I am also a victim of SMME marginalization.fall-of-rome_empire

No! The country was not intended to be “Whole” beneficiary of democracy in the true sense of the word-: with all its physical assets and intellectual property. What you call democracy is a semantic “a jargon of words” to confuse illiterate folks.

Only a few elite secretly and contractually own and control this country. You’ve been duped and blinded by lack of questioning their credible leadership and misguided authority of power!

Their scandals and greed is a sure sign of the cracks on the wall. Wait until they crumble – you’ll know the foundation of a fake democracy and poor governance was build on sand.

That’s how The Roman Empire fell from Grace -Greed, Arrogance, Pride, Egotism, Corruption etc. History will always repeats itself – how different is South Africa from yesterday’s Rome?

You are either as FREE as the figment of your Imagination – Or as IMPRISONED as the size of the CHAINS you wear in your mind. Your blissful ignorance is running Your Life’s Show on auto-pilot without your Authority or Supervision. Now! Who should you point fingers at, but Yourself? You put them in power! As you sow- So shall you repeat.

A majority of South Africans, Blacks especially are still oppressed and in wonderland. Living under false pretense that they are happy and free! Wrong again, there would be no service delivery protests if this was the case, would it?

Marikana massacre would not remind us of The Sharpville Shooting if this was not the case- would it? The world doesn’t operate on your rules of fantasies. Reality is that it sucks and you better get use to it! You’re partly responsible for the decisions you made.

What has changed is the colour of the oppressor at the union buildings not the principle in the system of Apartheid. So who is fooling who? Download A Copy from MIC smme for more info..

Who-is-fooling-Who? YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!


isaac khonjelwayo

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