The most compelling story of women who overcame adversity and rose to victory under the most pressing social, political, media and religious circumstances. Is a story of courage and strength of character and the most ambitious moments in history where women can show strength and resilience.

Women Can is the struggle by all women around the world fighting discrimination and faced with gender inequalities and abuse by rules and regulations imposed upon them by government laws. Oppression and abuse is still prevalent in most African States where women have no stature or place in the “Sun”.

It a story every woman must tell and experience in order to rise above challenges and adversity around all cultures and traditions. Something that must change in order to give women their right to exist and be respected as human-beings in our societies.

Women Strong Characters

black-woman3Women deserve the same stature as men and have contributed successfully to the world and their economic contribution should never go unrecognized but be rewarded by both government institutions and the private corporate sectors.

Applause and credit should be due to all those great women leaders who paved the way to change the attitudes and stereotype mindsets which violated all of their human-rights. Praise to Thuli Madonsela for the contribution she made to South Africa’s dirty political games and power struggle against corruption and strife by our sick leaders.

Women Deserve Honour and Respect

Empower woman book coverWe need more women to come forward and take the baton to pave way for progress to take effect in our communities and organizations. The Book “Empower Women” singles out many of the challenges and roles women had played and will play in the future to earn their respect and dignity in the history of mankind.

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