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Why Xenophobia

My Declaration of Intent: by Isaac Khonjelwayo’s.
Xenophobia is a symptom of a sick society and leadership challenges our country is faced with and we should all acknowledge this fact.

We need a cure as a people to recognize our plight, current or future and begin to deal with it directly without any reservations or compromises to resolve it completely.

My name is Bra Ike, I am a South African Citizen, I want to stand up against xenophobia. I want to express my intensions and declaration in an attempt to and do something positive about it.

Too Much Freedom Too Soon

If Government is unable to find a solution for communities to behave humanly, I wish to solicit the help from those who will subscribe to my mission and vision and aspire to tackle it with me to remedy the situation for the sake of our country and the economy.

All race groups have fought for liberation together in this country before and paid the price in the past and have succeeded to reach where we all are today.

We can always do it again, one such personal memoir is a requiem to my late teacher and Life Coach from one of my books titled– “Call it what you like”©2006 copyright protected.

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Written in 2006 I will refer you to Chapter2 from thereon read any pages from 16 onwards to appreciate my cause. Continue to read when you’re done tell me and act on.

by:  Bra Ike.

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