To a toddler
the ground seems to move
with those who can walk.
But, to him who cannot stand
it will not move,
until they can learn to speak.

The river is not so deep
to those who know how to swim,
but challenges can be fatal and drowning
to him who fails to negotiate with adversity.

If staying above water is a gift
for a chosen few to swim against the tide?
is it not courage too, that helps you
discover your spirit?

Until you can gain control over
your fears and limitations!
How will you appreciate your true capabilities?
It seems, problems tend to melt
for him who has learnt to take charge
and is willing tackle adversity head on.

Is adversity not a mental prejudice that
paralyzes its victim to suffocate with fear and not strive to succeed?
Can fear thrive on your sanity and blinds your judgement to fight
If so!
How can you move, stand, or talk when you are frozen?

Is this deliverance?
I presume not!
Dare not fly and the ground will almost collapse under your feet
Is this happiness?
I presume not!

If you believe every word, they say about you
How can you move, stand, or even fly when you are not chosen?
I suppose, when God finds you reliant
and sufficient to stand your ground,
He will take you up to the next level.
I supposed, when you discover your own self worth
You will not see any limitations imposed upon you by anyone
except your own self-concept.

Are you not your own worst enemy unless you can learn to conquer yourself?
Most people who lack self-confidence have only one reason for
feeling that way.
Such people have allowed other people to define their limitations
for them –
Such people have allowed friends, families, relatives, bosses and
associates define their true potential and well-being barometer.

Do you call that deliverance?
I presume not!
Is this your true potential?
Your own self worth has no tag within which a price can be
equivalent to!
Why? Because, you’re priceless


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